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  • nσт ѕσ вα∂
    1K 34 1

    A short one-shot of what happens after the northwest mansion party. (Comes right after Northwest mansion noir. I do not own Gravity falls). But yeah, I hope you like it!

  • Dipcifica One-Shots
    48.6K 1.1K 16

    -Just basically what the title says- Different moments in Dippers and Pacificas timeline with each other Pls favorite if you liked it and comment if you want more :)

  • If Only~Dipcifica
    33.9K 1K 19

    When Dipper finds out a secret about Pacifica, she tries to act like its not true, Pacifica didn't even know she had a secret. But when she finds out that it is true, everything falls apart. Pacifica has to depend on Dipper to not tell anyone under any circumstances. Pacifica and Dipper fall for each other, but there...

  • Dipcifica One-Shots
    40.3K 901 23

    A book woven of Dipcifica One-Shots for your reading pleasure, so you can follow along with their love story as they fall deeper and deeper in. With Pacifica's parents, mysteries, Mabel's determination to canonize her OTP, Dipper's shameless singing, and so many more, this is a Dipcifica book you definitely don't want...

  • Remember me (dipcifica)
    7.6K 260 4

    after the northwest party, Dipper and Mabel accidentally finding out a deep dark secret about Pacifica. as dipper and pacifica get along, dipper can't ignore these feelings.