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  • The Dangers of Islam: The Convert
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    "Your husband is a terrorist! You rag-headed murderers! DIE!" A random woman yelled before hurling an egg towards the young woman. "Mama," Khadijah whispered fearfully before wrapping her arms around the hijab-clad woman. Iman inhaled deeply before covering Khadijah with her body. Her...

  • The Dangers of Islam: The Imam
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    Nedim looked at the young teen in front of him and called out, "Khadijah." "I know what you're going to say, Imam Nedim. You'll tell me to have patience. You'll tell me that we'll find my father. You'll give me reassurances. You'll tell me that you believe in him, but you know what Imam Nedim?" The blue-eye...

  • The Dangers of Islam: The Terrorist
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    Dawood Khan, an American Muslim soldier in the US Army, had been an outsider for a good portion of his life. His Islamic identity was something he cherished, but others looked down on in disdain. Bullies at school ridiculed, mentally tortured, and physically assaulted Dawood for cherishing that identity. After a horri...

  • Blue-Haired Muslim
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    Raised as a Christian, Samuel Maximus Jameson Junior felt a close bond with the religion his mother had introduced him to. After her tragic passing, he continued to adhere to the faith, but found himself being drawn to the mystery that was Islam. After his father's conversion to Islam, he found himself wanting to know...