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  • The Enigma of Erald
    3.4M 88.9K 31

    Meet Erald Castell, an aspiring evil mastermind who ironically joins the legendary QED Club. Cover art by IAMCHIIRE

  • QED University
    5.9M 173K 34

    The new semester opens with a bang that shocks the four Houses of QED University, an exclusive school for promising students of the science of deduction and art of detection. The Holmesian Harriet Harrison never thought that the day would come when their archnemesis Moriartian faction beat them in the House War. Her c...

  • Project LOKI: Volume 1
    54.8M 959K 32

    Join Lorelei and Loki as they unravel the threads of mystery, unveil the masks of evil intentions and put together the pieces of the puzzle in their adventures. Looking for VOLUME 2? Read it here: Looking for VOLUME 3? Read it here: https://www.wattpad...

  • Project LOKI: Volume 3
    23.5M 1.1M 123

    The third and final volume of Project LOKI. Join Lorelei, Loki, Jamie, and Alistair as they bring down Moriarty's organization. Looking for VOLUME1? Read it here: Looking for VOLUME 2? Read it here:

  • Project LOKI: Fanfics
    3.2M 81.2K 47

    A collection of fan fiction stories written by readers of the Project LOKI series.

  • The Family (I)
    181K 4.4K 12

    BOOK 1 The Family series. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Family (III)
    163K 4K 20

    BOOK 3. The Family series. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Family (II)
    271K 5.8K 22

    BOOK 2. The Family series. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Family (IV)
    167K 5.1K 29

    BOOK 4. The Family series. WARNING: This part is darker than the rest. ORIGINAL.

    Completed   Mature
    60.7K 1.7K 9

    What can I say? Except, he has a fetish for her love. 🎬Just some girls and guys and all the other spices in life. ORIGINAL.

  • Still The Queen
    354K 10.3K 25

    And she always will be. -Him with his black leather jacket on, and Her in his hardcore heart.- ORIGINAL. Author's Personal Favorite.

    Completed   Mature
  • Meet The Boss! [Sequel of MTNG] (Completed)
    236K 8.7K 40

    After 6 years that they have been separated from each other. Natsu made a huge comeback. He became the CEO of the END Company. Lucy Hearfilia is now 25 years old. She is the owner of the Love and Lucky Clothing lines. A very famous brand of clothes in Japan. Even though she already has her own business, she still want...

  • Fairy Tail: High School
    420K 15.3K 51

    your typical teenage romance.

  • A Growing Desire- Nalu fanfic
    4.5K 208 7

    I need but one thing. She is what I desire. And I will do anything for her. Her name, Lucy Heartfilla. And I will make her mine. He followed me home. He would leave me letters. He goes through such extremes. His name, Natsu Dragneel. But he won't have me. Disclaimer~ I do not own Fairy tail or any of the characters...

  • Because Of YOU(Gruvia Fanfiction)
    9.3K 403 9

    In town Magnolia there is Fairy Tail High. Gray Fullbuster is nerd. He love's book's and he is bullied. Juvia Lockser is badass. Everyone in school are scared of her. She always get's in fights. One day Gray was bullied in a dark hallway and then Juvia came. She beated guys who bullied him and for return Gray has to b...

  • Who will it Be!
    93.4K 3K 48

    Do you know who will Lucy pick as her boyfriend? As her problem is it gonna ok to the others who love her? If she pick one of them is it ok to the boys to be broken heart?! Let's find out by reading it!! ~Hope you guys Love it =). And please vote and follow me. If you just want it~

  • Battle of The Bands
    36.5K 1.3K 10

    This is a story about a group of girls who desperately want to make it in the music business. They were inspired by their idols, a boy band, called "The 6 Guns". One day they get an apporrunity to play one of their songs at an event held by Fairy Tail Studios. What will happen?

  • The Enraged & the Forgotten.
    206K 5K 28

    Lisana isn't back. yet. Natsu doesn't necessarily kick Lucy out of the team. But one thing is for sure. Lucy gains her hidden memories and goes to train with the dragons, angels, devils, gods in the 'other realm'. How long will it take for her to complete her training? And will she forgive Natsu? I know. I know. There...

  • Fairy Guy (Family guy parody)
    1.3K 40 6

    Family guy fairy tail version (This was totes for fun)

  • Just Neighbors
    27.1K 1.1K 16

    Introducing A NaLu Fanfiction: Two teenagers, girl and boy, both happen to be neighbors from across the street. Lucy Heartfilia, a soccer player for Fairy Tail Academy's Girls' Soccer Team, is a unique girl who loves stargazing every single night, loves to play soccer, and is a girl who is very private about her life...

  • tomboy - a nalu fic
    130K 5.9K 30

    "Here's to the girls who don't wake up with perfect hair. Who don't mind eating a Big Mac instead of a salad. Who don't wear 50 pounds of makeup. Who'd rather spend the day in sweatpants rather than skinny jeans. Who love the comfort of t-shirts. Who don't get all the guys. Who aren't 'popular' but feel like it, when...

  • Fairy tail: The Princess of the Galaxies
    137K 2.6K 22

    Yup. The Lisanna returns, Lucy kicked out of Team Natsu, finds out she's the Princess cliche. With a little twist! Lucy is the Princess of the Galaxies and will go on different adventures with anime crossovers! Please read and enjoy! Oh, and I do not own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima does.(that how u spell it?) Note: This...

  • If only I wasn't a mermaid ~a NaLu fanfic~
    146K 6K 49

    Princess Lucy's a mermaid who has only one wish: To be human. All her life she's been living underwater with her sisters: Princess Juvia, Princess Erza and Princess Levy. But as a curious one, she has been longing to know how to walk with feet on land, how to eat stuff she's never tasted, how to dance and experience...

  • Betrayed: a NALU fanfic(very slow updates)
    932 35 9

    Typical lucy gets kicked off the team and leaves. But instead of her meeting with a dragon and stuff she simply finds a new family........ Dun-dun-dun Hope u like it please comment and I have school so I will update as much as I can Love you ❤️

  • Her Secret|NaLu|
    10.6K 333 19

    My life became miserable after the whole losing my love thing, but after my 18th birthday, I started to have dreams about an unfamiliar girl who looks to be around my age with long, blonde hair. She keeps showing up every time I sleep at night. Is it a sign? Well whatever it is, it kept me from being depressed every s...

  • Fairy Of The End {NaLu & MikaYuu}
    651 12 7

    WARNING: VIOLENCE. Most of this will be written by my Cousin! A few chapters, (Or a lot, God knows..) Written by me :D Cover Made by my cousin for me :D She's Nice :3 I don't Own Fairy Tail! THIS IS A CROSSOVER OF OWARI NO SERAPH AND FAIRY TAIL. Any Characters I add in, such as my cousin, are mine! Except my cousin, w...

  • ✒ʜiƚƚin' ƚʜɘ booʞƨ✒(2nd book of vamps)
    45.2K 2.1K 23

    Sequel to Runaway Royalty. I do not own Fairy Tail.

    Completed   Mature