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  • Closed Doors
    171 28 12

    A 15-year-old boy named Kebba Bage is accused of murdering his younger sister, Roxana Bage, on her 14th birthday. Trapped and confused on why he was accused he ran away to another city. Being chased and followed, the only place he was able to stay is at his Uncle's. Although he never meet his uncle, all Kebba can do i...

  • Love Castaway
    187 14 6

    Don't you think that people are isolated from the public just because they love differently? Or that the transition in experimenting in high school can shipwreck your lifestyle? [Ac] [As] [SL] (adult content, adult situations, strong language)

  • Heartless [#Wattys2016 ]
    491 81 23

    Thousands of years ago, when kings, queens, dragons and assassins roamed far and wide across the land, there once was a young girl who's destiny was defied and who's secrets were true to her and others, what could she have done if she fell in forbidden love? What secrets were hidden behind the walls of her soon to be...

  • I'm Coming Home
    979 151 45

    {Book 1} A girl name Jayden who fell hard for her dear friend named Oma. But never brought the courage to tell her how much. They've been best friends since young, but will they break apart when they get older, when they experience the world together? Will Jayden ever tell Oma how much she loves her before its to lat...

    Completed   Mature