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  • Unparalleled
    9.6K 1.6K 88

    [Prequel to Misalignment] A year before she and Cam meet, Matty Leopold has yet to realize most of the problems that will dominate her near future. She's still stuck in the shadow of her older siblings, as she has been for most of her life - but with the advent of her sophomore year, she's determined to change that. W...

  • When You Leave Me #Wattys2017
    850 93 15

    Mikaya is an eighteen year old, soon to be high school graduate. She's been all over the country, and met all kinds of people. In her friends eyes she's everything, and anything, the world needs. She has a perfect life, perfect grades, perfect girlfriend, perfect mind. But when Mikaya learns her girlfriend has been in...

  • Worth Fighting For (a one-shot book)
    869 39 30

    Welcome to my collection of one-shots! Thank you for reading, and I read all critiques left in the comments! - - - 13 yr old author: @lostboys_

  • Sidekick| Original
    712K 72.2K 67

    "What makes you qualified for the job?" "I got straight B's my senior year and I've only been pulled over once for speeding." "That doesn't sound like a good sidekick to me." "This is coming from the supposed superhero that posted a Craigslist ad in the personals section." "That was by accident!" A...

  • I'll Never Write Fiction Again: The Surreal Misadventures of a Digital Novelist
    2.6K 448 8

    🥇1st Place - '18 Neon Awards - Random 🥇1st Place - '18 Fruit of Love Awards - Humor I'm Elle, and this is my novel, Jay. After rescuing my kidnapped plot from a minor character, getting kicked out of my house for cheating on Jay with a smut novel, and sobering up from a Wattpad votes and comments addiction, I've ha...

  • Script
    56 5 7

    The story starts with a calm atmosphere, but that is not going to last forever. Follow Rain Òden, Joel Oxenberg, Jeong Jin and Arian Damari as they slowly enter a newer, darker reality that is to come. (I do not own the cover picture, feel free to credit the photographer) Update: The story will follow a sort of p...

  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    6.4M 218K 25

    Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favourite take-out pizza, Top and Tail chronicles the life of Ash Jamieson as he haphazardly navigates his way through malicious schoolmates, whackjob teachers, disillusioned parents, imbecilic athletes, audacious girls, and...

  • Nine to Five
    487 43 13

    A workplace rom-com with an evil boss who is completely against office relationships

  • Calathus
    108K 5.2K 35

    The Kingdom of Dracarr is scarred. Over three decades ago, hordes of magickal beasts known as Magus invaded the land. All was thought lost until a powerful wizard appeared. He created Rhokin: living dolls with powerful magick but also emotions. Though the Rhokin triumphed against the Magus, the creatures' threats have...

  • Seasons of Ferne, Summer's Passion
    114K 9.7K 41

    Abandoned on the steps of a church as an infant, Evelyn Ferne finally feels as though her life is coming together. At long last she has the parents she's always longed for, as well as her first taste of real romance and love. But try as she might her life has never been normal. Abilities to which she has little contro...

  • Power to His Majesty (A Hilariously BAD Fantasy Story)
    417 71 12

    This story is a complete and utter fustercluck of various fantasy cliches and is a parody on some unintentionally hilarious works I've read. Not for the faint of heart or serious of temperament. Enjoy! *Hero is named Perry Polo and he lives in Honouria, a land that is suspiciously similar to Europe. *Perry...

  • Confessions Anonymous 2
    2.1K 106 75

    A Sequel to 'Confessions Anonymous' which was started as an experiment that blasted through the forums! The aim of this book is the same as the previous one! 1. Pure Entertainment 2. Humor 3. Ideas to inspire others in writing their books, as you never know what prompts you get from random confessions~ Most of you who...