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  • Drowned Out Romance
    1.2K 60 8

    Ryley/Jitty Fanfiction ❤

  • Step by Step (Ryrley story)
    10.6K 262 10

    What happens after Jake moves away leaving Marley all alone on her own. Her and Ryder become quite close and Marley starts to grow feelings for him. Ryder has always had feelings for Marley, but he hasn't shown them in a while now. When a rumor goes around saying that Ryder slept with Marley things get messy. Ryder an...

  • You're all I need (A Ryley fanfic)
    94 2 1

    Glee- Ryder and Marley both secretly love each other, but what will happen when they confess their feelings?

    152K 3.7K 26

    ~Rewritten version of A Fresh Start~ Annabelle Anderson is an outcast. Always has been, and has accepted that she always will be. Which is why she doesn't want to join the glee club. What she doesn't realise is that once you take away the trophies, the New Directions are a bunch of people just like her ; they're all o...

  • What are the Chances
    298 11 2

    What happens when Marley is the popular cheerleader and Ryder is the new boy... sort of. What are the chances of them ending up together.

  • The sunshine of my life (glee fanfic)'ON HOLD'
    2.5K 62 5

    Ryder Lynn and Marley rose, kind of fall in love

  • Stay
    652 17 1

    She won't let herself believe that Ryder's not hers anymore. She won't face the fact that their relationship is over. Marley loves Ryder so much and she can't get it through her head that she isn't Ryder's anymore. She wants him. She needs him so badly that it hurts to think of him. "We say goodbye in the pouring rai...

  • Falling From Cloud Nine (Third Book in The TNB Series)
    29.2K 594 22

    Her boyfriend, Ryder Lynn is in the army. Her sister, Rachel Berry (now Hudson) is married to Finn Hudson with Rachel in New York and Finn is in Lima. Her cousin, Blaine Anderson is in New York too, engaged to Kurt Hummel. But Ryley Berry is stuck in Lima for one more year at William McKinley High School. With the New...

    498K 7.7K 46

    "If I had a backbone, I would be standing on that stage, singing my heart out." This was my first story (I was thirteen) so ignore if you don't like badly written fics. THE REWRITE OF THIS STORY CALLED OUTCAST IS NOW UP! [ painting - sunday afternoon on the island of la grand jatte (1884-1886) by georges seurat ]

  • Glee One-Shots [CLOSED]
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    Glee one-shots made just for you! [requests are closed, from now, and forevermore]

  • Broken Hearted [Book 3]
    54.8K 904 78

    The final year of high school has finally come around for Marley Rose. She knows it's going to be tough - exam stress, finding the right college, and deciding whether or not she's going to follow her dreams and leave her friends and family in Lima. For now though, Marley's sure she doesn't want to change a thing about...

  • White Christmas (Glee One-Shot)
    600 6 1

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas With every Christmas card I write May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white... Winter AU. Features Gabe Lynn, Angie McGraw, Henry Fine, and Dani Walker from the Graceland Series.

  • In 7 Days [Book 1]
    174K 2.5K 69

    Starting a new school is never easy, just ask Marley Rose. She has been moving from school to school her entire life to avoid harmful bullies and mean classmates. After traumatic events at her last few schools that caused Marley to gain an eating disorder, she is back, better than ever, and ready to start her new lif...

  • Eternity (A Ryley Love Story)
    8.6K 211 11

    *Cover made by camypoo* Ryder Lynn is dead. He's been dead for over 100 years but still, he is walking around and being human like a normal 18 year old should. He died back in 1895 but he came back to life as a nightmare; a vampire. With the help of the man who transformed him, Finn Hudson, he learned who to be who h...

  • Maybe- A Ryley Rynn Oneshot
    290 8 1

    this is a oneshot for glee's rlyey this is my first oneshot hope you like it :)

  • Glee Friendship never ends
    1.4K 29 4

    Everyday is tough at McKinley high especially when your boyfriend cheats on you. While school is on Marley and Kitty become really close friends and Marley forms a crush on Ryder but what happens when they get trapped in a horror story! Features: High School Drama, horror and romance (Marley x Ryder)

  • A Marley Story
    7.6K 227 22

    This is a story about Marley and the twisted relationship she has with Jake and Ryder.

  • Glee Fanfic- Ryder and Marley
    8.3K 166 15

    Marley is a 'cool' girl at school. But will her love life effect her reputation.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Love I Never Knew (Ryley Fanfic)
    462 7 1

    Ryder Lynn's world changed when one phone call hit him. The one call that said the love of his life was in the hospital. Marley Rose. Will she survive? Will Ryder ever tell her how he feels? Find out

  • Ryley One-Shots (Imagine Your OTP Tumblr)
    9.1K 243 17

    One-Shots based on Prompts from the Tumblr Blog ImagineYourOTP.

  • Bruises (A Glee Ryley FanFiction)
    15.3K 296 16

    Ryley Future Fiction. What if Ryder and Marley met up after high school? What would happen?

    523K 7.2K 64

    "One more year, then I'm finally free from this hellhole." I was highly inexperienced in writing when I wrote this. For your own sake, please ignore this. (I DO NOT OWN GLEE OR ANY SONGS FEATURED IN THIS FANFICTION) [ painting - the water lily bridge (1899) by claude monet ]

  • Parachute [Book 4]
    16.9K 537 45

    New York, the city where dreams come true. Marley and Ryder Lynn are finally ready for their dreams of living together and being happily married to come true. There's only one problem - Marley's homesick, and Ryder's finally sick of her. Not to mention the fact that there's a new girl with her eye on Marley's man. And...

  • Let It Go (Fourth Book in the TNB Series)
    38.8K 628 26

    Ryley Berry is now living in New York with her amazing boyfriend, Ryder Lynn. With living together and developing a more serious relationships, thoughts begin to get put into both Ryley and Ryder's heads about the future of their relationship with a bigger commitment for the two of them on the horizon. Living next doo...

  • Both of Us (Fifth Book In the TNB Series)
    8.4K 201 9

    "I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us." It all begins with a wedding. Then a honeymoon. Then life changes for Ryley Berry - now Ryley Lynn - and her new husband, Ryder Lynn. In the fifth and final book of The New Berry series, Ryley has to go through some changes in her life with the help of her n...

  • Battling Bruises (A Glee Ryley Fanfiction- Second Book of the Bruises Series)
    5.2K 137 12

    What do you do when you feel like your falling apart… like the world is crashing done on you? Marley Rose and Ryder Lynn will ask themselves these questions over and over again as they plan their wedding and battle with the broken hearts that the death Finn and other things have left them. Starting a new life together...

  • Dear Glee
    23.3K 798 11

    Mr. Schue's assignment - write an honest letter to somebody or somebodies. It may be about what you can't say out loud. It may be something you want someone to know about you. It broke down the strongest Glee Clubber.