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  • Practice Makes Perfect (Adopted By Fall Out Boy)
    134K 5.7K 30

    Adopted by Fall Out Boy. Maddie spends hours working on her music remixes every day. She got her laptop from a competition, because she cant afford it. Nobody can afford anything at the orphanage. What happens when someone visits to adopt someone? What happens when its Maddie being adopted? ------ Most of...

  • Pete Wentz imagines
    52.7K 1.7K 31

    Just some Pete Wentz imagines for all the FOB lovers out there. I tend to use y/n so it's fair, but sometimes I will take requests. I will tell you which ones are requests though.

  • Growing Up - Pete Wentz Fanfic
    255K 7.4K 34

    Part 1 of the "Growing Up"-Triology Charlotte Miller has never been known for being responsible or particularly mature. Meeting Pete on a night out at his club, little did she know that not only is he facing similar issues, he also turns out to influence her much more than she ever expected. Part 2 (Irresistible): htt...

  • Stay Away From Me ~ Fall Out Boy / Young Blood Chronicles Fanfic (Collaboration)
    4.1K 242 11

    See the Young Blood Chronicles through the eyes of your favorite band as they experienced it. This is a collaboration book with @RayLee07 writing as Joe Throman, @Kotaplier writing as Patrick Stump, @falloutgirll_ writing as Andy Hurley and @LeViNeFrEaK writing as Pete Wentz.

  • Where is your boy tonight? // Adopted by Fall Out Boy.
    8.9K 304 16

    Christina is a girl who is currently living in a Orphanage. Since her parents died in a car accident , she's been extremely depressed. Will that change when her idols adopt her?

  • Patrick Stump Imagines (Book 1)
    496K 23.4K 205

    I'm here to help you imagine the perfect scenarios with your crush; Patrick Stump! (Admit it, this guy is your ultimate crush!) Just read for the sake of your entertainment and enjoyment!

  • Five Foot Six Inches of Trouble
    4.3K 231 26

    Cricket is just a fan of Fall Out Boy. Could she ever become anything more than just a face in the crowd?

  • Adopted By Fall Out Boy
    65.4K 2.1K 77

    Brittany Collete Phoenix was an average girl that lived with her family, until they gave her away. One day she got adopted by one of the most famous bands in the world. From there, her life began to get very interesting.

  • Pete Wentz Imagines / One Shots
    24.3K 683 50

    Some Imagines / One Shots =) Hope you guys like em! I'm open for suggestions / ideas, just drop me a pm. I'll dedicate your chapter to you =)

  • Adopted by Fall Out Boy (FAN FIC)
    153K 4.7K 35

    Cora is a girl who's Mom died. One day she is adopted by Fall Out Boy. She is afraid that she will disappoint them or they won't love her. Will her suspicions be correct and will she be disappoint them? Or will they love her and give her a new family?

  • The Fall Out Angel (A Fall Out Boy ~ Patrick Stump FanFiction)
    12.1K 467 28

    All I ever wanted is to see perform live that night; but the boys have given me more than I could ever imagine; I've became their Fall Out Angel, a new member of their band named FALL OUT BOY and since then my life became better to best. But soon enough, everything fall apart......starting from that day we began to re...

  • Ask Fall Out Boy
    7.3K 455 17

    *Read intro for clearer directions* The boys answer what you want to hear! Ask them questions, give them topics to talk about, request challenges, ask advice, anything you want to hear from them! Disclaimer: I do not own Fall Out Boy or anything related to them. I only own knowledge and some t-shirts.

  • 1-800-SUICIDE (Peterick Fanfic)
    522K 18.8K 48

    Patrick Stump considers suicide, and has to be talked out of it. Will he maintain the will to keep himself alive? Or will it all eventually be too much to handle? **I don't own the cover art for this story. A reader submitted the edit to me, and as far as either of us can tell, the artist of the drawing remains unknow...

  • Adopted by Fall Out Boy 2
    32.4K 1.2K 44

    Sky Wentz has been adopted a little over a year by FOB. But when her and Pete started dating, she has to get her last name changed. See the second part of their adventure in this story.

  • Breathe Me Back To Life •Patrick Stump+Fall Out Boy•
    926K 36K 72

    After being attacked at a house party, Cole Wentz has been diagnosed with insomnia, severe anxiety, and is showing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. No one knows what really happened to her, but her brother, Pete Wentz, is determined to find out. That's where Operation Breathe Her Back To Life comes in. Take...

  • Adopted by Patrick Stump
    57.8K 1.7K 26

    Warning: self harm and depression mentions Warning: I was like 13 when I started writing this shity story so I apologize for bad grammar, plot, transitions, and all other writing configurations. about a 13/14 year old girl who was adopted by a musician. This tells you about her life story.

  • Adopted By Pete Wentz
    48.1K 1.7K 21

    Jamie is in love with a book called Gray. The author, Pete Wentz, is her idol and she wants to write a book as good as his someday. Her teacher, Ms. Clark, convinces her to try to get in contact with Pete by sending him a direct message on Instagram. Little did Jamie know, small messages lead to huge possibilities.

  • 3 AM (Peterick)
    66.6K 4.4K 27

    Pete always has the same old nightmare, haunted by the thought of losing the one he loves most, and he always wakes up at exactly 3AM. The only way to stop the nightmares? Patrick Stump, Pete's best friend and lead singer of the band Fall out boy. The problem? Pete has fallen for him, but will his fellow band mate fee...

  • 100 Fall Out Boy Quotes
    7.7K 233 1

    Words that came out of the mouths of Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley :)

  • Being Famous and Having Kids Is. . .Interesting (Pete Wentz fanfic book #2)
    28.7K 1.3K 40

    SEQUEL TO 'ADOPTED (A PETE WENTZ FAN FIC)' Awesome cover made by @Cloudluv10120 (awesome_bands_be_awe) Brandie and Pete are back, this time they have twins. 13 year old twins. One of them's a boy and one of them's a girl. Maggy and Blake are as close as 2 people can be, but they both suffer with getting bullied. When...

  • The ULTIMATE Fall Out Boy fan challenge
    4K 287 21

    This is a test for the ultimate Fall Out Boy Fan Each round will consist of lyrics to their songs and you have to identify the song. NO CHEATING! (Rules are in the introduction.) If others have answered but you do know the answer, still comment as it goes on the scoreboard. Winners will have the next rounds chapter de...

  • A Boy With A Crush * Peterick * Book One
    293K 16.7K 200

    Patrick's home life couldn't be worse, and the same goes for his school life. He's constantly bullied by asshole kids that only care about looks and popularity (two things Patrick doesn't have). The only person that cares is his best friend Iris, but the only problem with that is she's mute. Patrick knows that shouldn...

  • Run Away (Adopted by Fall Out Boy)
    22.2K 566 36

    Emily's parents just died. Making Emily an orphan. After two weeks of being an orphan Emily gets adopted but none other than Andy Hurley. But does this make her happier or not. Will she continue with old habits or get better with help? Find out in Run Away. ((Warning: contains graphic content, mature language and ment...

  • Switched at Birth (A Patrick Stump Fanfic)
    393K 10.5K 41

    Kristina never really was the same as her parents. She was quite different. She didn't even look like them! Then one day, one phone call made everything make sense.

  • Run Away With Me (FOB FanFic)
    24.3K 1.6K 38

    ==COMPLETED== We all know the story of how Fall Out Boy came to be, but what if it wasn't true? What if what we all know was wrong? Patrick Stump, a 22 year old, introverted, misspoken artist lives in a little apartment in Chicago where he spends most of his time writing songs that no one will hear besides his next do...

  • Let's Be Alone Together {Patrick Stump Short Fanfic (Smut)} ONE-SHOT
    2.2K 99 1

    ;) Smut warned

    Completed   Mature
  • Say You Love Me |Peterick Oneshots|
    18.8K 544 11

    Peterick oneshots for y'all