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  • My Best Friend's First Love
    119K 4.4K 18

    Adrien Agreste has never been to public school. Supposedly he should be getting his soulmate tattoo, but then, he meets Marinette. sorry, no heroes. •characters belong to Zag Toons•

  • Perfect Strangers
    7.1K 365 20

    I am Martina, you probably don't know me. We go to the same school. Did you know that? Did you know that we pass eachother in the corridor too? Nope you don't, just like I thought. You're like all the people in my class. And the rest of the school. And Jorge.

  • My last hope
    10.8K 837 43

    Martina is an 16 year old girl with anorexia. She's getting Really ill but when jorge Came in her Life he completly change it. Will he succeed to help her?

    Completed   Mature
  • 2 months to live
    5.6K 342 22

    2 lifes , 2 people , 2 months , 61 days , 1464 hours , 87840 minutes , 5270400 seconds and one love Jortini.

  • what have we done? jortini✔️
    11.6K 410 35

    Tini: good then this is going to be a secert. Jorge: it never happened. Tini: never. Jorge: okey then uuum Tini: yh i will go bye. Jorge: bye. Martina and Jorge are best friends but what happens when the get dronk on a party and end up having a beautiful night? What happens when Tini finds out that she is pregnant an...

  • The End《Jortini》
    22K 1.5K 45

    Sometimes you think that it's the end while it's just the beginning. × Martina Stoessel × Jorge Blanco

  • The Fighter- Leonetta
    2.7K 88 17

    A young girl named violetta Castillo is 18 and lives with her grandparents, which are badly sick and can die any minute. Her life is very hard, and is a challenge until she meets leon Vargas a 18 year old boy which is a spy, for the government and is sent to help violetta and is on a mission. Will she find out his se...

  • You're Amazing Just The Way You Are
    15.6K 1K 42

    (My writing has improved since the first chapters of this story that I wrote long time ago) "Mom!! Fran annoys me!!" "No I don't, you annoy me so I annoy you! " Ugh... My brother annoys me every day. Why do I have to have him in the room next to mine. I hear his friends playing music late at night and how they "scr...

  • Leonetta
    14.7K 397 27

    I'm not giving anything away. Btw I had no title inspiration

  • The Footballer
    24.7K 1.5K 37

    You first have to read before knowing it... ;) WARNING: There are a lot of spelling mistakes, but hey? I'm only human after all❤

  • I hate you, I love you
    6.8K 555 26

    This is a story about a boy named Jorge who accidentally sent a text to a girl named Martina. They started to write more and what happens when they meet each other in real life?

  • On The Road
    70.2K 2.5K 45

    Sequel to "My best Frenemy" It's the last year of the studio. In order to get their final grades. All the guys are on tour. How do the guys go through this tour and the adventures and craziness of this tour?

  • Leonetta I love you
    598 27 5

    It is awesome

  • Si Es Por Amor (Leonetta Fanfiction)
    2.5K 132 10

    "Daddy what's love?" seven year old Vilu asks. "There's different types. Like I love you, but not the same way I loved your mother," he answered patting her head. "Will I ever love someone like you loved mommy?" She questions. "One day, princess." ************************* Violetta Castillo is experiencing changes. S...

  • León & Violetta {Receiver}
    2.6K 154 11

    She wanted someone to receive her love. He wanted someone to receive his desire. There is a rumor that Violetta is a boring, wailing saint. She's perfect they say, yet nobody wants to give her the chance to prove it. But no one knows how it was in Sicily where she was born and raised until she was 14. Living with the...

    15.1K 1.1K 41

    the voices have been with leon vargas ever since birth. just as he's determined to be free of it, violetta castillo comes along. [status ; ongoing]

  • My Favorite Place Is Inside Your Hug
    14.3K 656 18

    A story about Martina Stoessel and Jorge Blanco. They have each a boyfriend/girlfriend. The love can't be a false any more, so what will they do?

  • A Titanic Story *jortini*
    6.5K 373 28

    This is a story about Jorge and Martina who are in the same boat. What happens when they meet each other? .. This book will not be exactly like the Titanic, but it will be similar And btw this is my first book, so my English is not that good. :')

    Completed   Mature
  • Titanic 2 *sequel to titanic*
    12.8K 647 51

    It's been a year since titanic sinked. Martina is now living alone in New York with her 3-month-old daughter Maya. Jorge is the dad, and he's dead. But, is he really dead?...

    Completed   Mature
  • Born to Shine
    3.6K 106 23

    A new chapter of born to shine.

  • Picked by fate - Symbols of Love
    1.7K 109 10

    Every year, there is held a 'Picking' in every village of the wonderful country called Treant. They pick two females; A woman and a Girl. They also pick two males; A man and a boy. Some people want to be picked, they've trained their whole lifes for that moment. Other people, mostly the poor, are terrified to be pic...

  • Chosen: The Eruption
    6.6K 644 20

    Six villages have already gone. Yet, the two that wanted to leave the most, Violetta and Angie, are still in, and not showing signs of quitting. After their explosive entrance to the competition left everyone else in their shadow, it's no surprise that they have enemies. Yet they have powerful Allies that can keep...

  • Chosen: The Arrival
    16.5K 1.4K 36

    The King and his young Son are in need off suitors and in a world so obsessed with Television, what better way to find one, then on a show? From each corner of the land, women and girls are selected at random by the organisers, to become the characters in the show. Within this game, which they claim will bring true...

  • Blind Love - ON HOLD
    3.3K 181 7

    Meet Violetta, a lonely girl that only cares about 3 things; her family, school and dreams. She also get bullied by a boy-group at school that find s it funny to get her hurt. One day the do something really terrible to her, acctually one of them does, and in that second, her life changes. Violetta gets blind and need...

  • Life with stars (a Violetta Fanfiction!)
    9.5K 553 26

    A fanfiction story about Jortini and not only... For Violetta as well! I have not decided yet for what exactly I will write about, but you will figure it out soon! My goal is to present how was the time in Violetta 3 and after that. I will also pay attention to the relationship of Tini and Jorge? Are they just friend...

  • Lost in time(leonetta)
    1.5K 86 15

    Cover Done by @VLover_45223 Violetta a teenage girl who is a TIME TRAAVELLERRRRR yup she is so read and see how she meets Leon