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  • Group Chat: the GazettE
    4.4K 176 7

    "what do you mean you don't want me as a friend?" • [DISCLAIMER]: The content in this book is pure fiction and should not be taken seriously. This is all just for the sake of fun and imagination. Yes there will be otp references, so if you're not into that then skip it or don't read it.

  • J-Rock X Reader: Book of One-Shots ( Requests on hold )
    93.9K 1.5K 99

    ~This is a bunch of (Reader x J-rock members) one-shots! ^_^ This is my first( Reader x J-rock member) book. Also, my first Book of one-shots. Hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I do writing it !! ^_^ * I do not own any pictures used, nor the bands* \^_^/

    Completed   Mature
  • Jrock AU Imagines
    12.7K 325 21

    Requests are closed as this book is complete. Jrock AU imagines! Imagines that are AU (alternate universe). So you can imagine your favorite Jrocker as a vampire, demon, or many more.

    Completed   Mature
  • The GazettE Imagines
    9.3K 212 11

    Just imagines of the 5 men from The GazettE. I do take request! So if you have any, you can dm & I will try to create it. Well I hope you all enjoy these. ^-^

  • In Your Own Little World
    9.4K 381 18

    A book full of one-shots about The GazettE members and the readers. (Member x reader)

  • Vampire in the Attic
    303 15 1

    Do they or don't they sparkle? [the GazettE AU fanfiction oneshot | Uruha]

  • Heresy TV: the GazettE Channel
    2.9K 203 9

    Basically a version of A9/Alice Nine channel, but with the Gazeboys doing hilarious and ridiculous stuff. This whole thing was inspired by a post I saw on tumblr, so yeah why not? [DISCLAIMER]: If you're not into any of the ships featured in this story, then I highly suggest that you don't read this.

  • Imagine if..
    8.7K 299 13

    A book of one shots I come up with. Mostly imagine. Note: the one shots, indeed, will be a GazetfE member x reader. (If you don't know them, you might want to do your research on them before reading these stories or you'll be confused) enjoy!

  • Him part
    311 13 2

    You. You r a young girl. Not much experience in the love department.

  • the GazettE One Shots - X Reader Scenarios
    12.1K 217 6

    A collection of one shots of the GazettE members. I wrote these when I was like 15/16 so they're cringe af, don't expect any academic grade literature.

  • Secret feelings - Kai / GazettE Story
    2.7K 53 3

    okay, now I know there aren't many GazettE stories on here, and I'm hoping to change that. This is only the tip of the iceberg my reader, only the tip. I have a quizilla acount, but I don't know hey, I like this one better. People seem to have better spelling on here In this story, You (Michiru) and Kai are friends, a...

  • GazeCrack Silly Stories
    1.6K 145 7

    Just a bunch of short silly stories featuring The GazettE! This is all purely Crack! Just for humor so please don't take ANYTHING in here seriously!!! ^ ^

  • You're my inspiration
    116 6 1

    Music has its way of bringing people together. [the GazettE AU fanfiction • Aoi]

  • Unbroken
    1.9K 99 20

    Aria Scarlet has had her heart broken and the past of that break was too painful to relive. So she decided that the only way to keep from having a broken heart was to fall for her guitar god. She knew as a fan, that she would never meet him, so in that she found comfort in never being heart broken. She has built a rep...

  • 5 a.m. Romance
    150 5 1

    Both him and his girlfriend leads such busy life that they hardly get time for romance. Sometimes it's 5 a.m. when they get a chance to cuddle up! This is a fanfiction about Ruki (the GazettE) and his girlfriend, an OC.

  • Can you change me? ( a GazettE fanfiction)
    1.7K 96 13

    (Y/n) was left alone after the tragic incident that cost her family. A faithful meeting will turn her life upside down and give her reasons to start living her life again. Will the five members of her favourite band put every little piece of her broken heart back together? ( I do not own GazettE. I only own the made...