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  • The Iron Teeth
    87.2K 12K 88

    This is the north proper, the very knife edge of civilization. Here monsters stalk the night and outlaws gather. It is a land of singular wonders and crushing horror... All Blacknail the goblin ever wanted was to live a peaceful life in his sewer home, and eat as much as he could shove in his mouth when no o...

  • Wormrose, A Goblin's Tale.
    982 76 8

    Worm is a teenaged goblin who lives in the underground city of Gobo Haven. As the last child of a flock of seven children, Worm always gets the short end of the stick. It's even worse because she is a girl, who is smaller and weaker than her older brothers, so she gets constantly picked on and abused by them. If this...

  • The Goblins
    91 12 1

    A poem about goblins, and how their monarchy is built on violent entertainment.