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  • Ranger's Apprentice; An Emotional Tale
    5.8K 297 12

    Basically a Ranger's Apprentice short story featuring our favorite characters and a lot of emotions. Disclaimer: Most characters and events referred to belong to John A. Flanagan, author of the entire Ranger's Apprentice series. Is set after 'And About Time Too' in the eleventh book The Lost Stories. Headcanon story a...

  • Ranger's Apprentice - The Afterwards
    13.5K 705 33

    What happened after the Ranger's Apprentice series ended? What happened to Maddie after she got her Silver Oakleaf? Did she gain respect, or did sje relapse back into her old pampered self? In this book, I plan to answer those questions the way I think things should happen. Disclaimer: The character's I'll be using ar...

  • Ranger's Apprentice; The Final Pieces
    49.6K 3.2K 127

    Truths revealed. Secrets unraveled. Questions answered. Are you ready, for the Final Pieces of Ranger's Apprentice? Ready, to finish the legends of Araluen? [These are stories based on the original series by John Flanagan. All characters and earlier events being talked about are his] If you use any of my ideas pleas...

  • Ranger's Apprentice: Shattered -- A Fanfiction
    3.9K 143 7

    Two years after Will and his friends returned from Nihon-Ja, they got wind of a war brewing in Arrida against the Tualaghi. During the war, Will was lost and thought dead, only to return five years later, shattered beyond repair. He struggles with the ghosts from his past, isolating himself from those he loves, and fr...

  • Ranger's Apprentice; An unfortunate Birth {TO BE REWRITTEN}
    11K 371 19

    {Ranger's Apprentice Fanfiction} #4 in 'Ranger's Apprentice'!!! Nobody liked it that Alyss died. A lot of people didn't like the fact Will and Alyss didn't have kids. So what if we forget book 12 for the moment? What if Alyss hád been pregnant? Would everything have been fine, or would the fate have striked anyway? Wh...

  • Journey to be a Ranger
    6.9K 540 23

    She knew the Rangers weren't real. She wished they were, but they weren't. But just maybe she could still become one. This book is about a girl named Anna, who trains to become a Ranger. :) This is a Ranger Apprentice FanFiction! I would love it if you read this book, and if you enjoy it, then vote!

  • A Ranger's Apprentice for Eternity (A Ranger's Apprentice Fan-Fic) Book 2
    4K 120 19

    You all know the story of Keira, a girl who grew up in the Redmont Fiefdom. This is the story of her apprentice. Years after Keira's recovery, Halt suggests that she take an apprentice to stay sane and get back in shape. Keira agrees and goes to scout the nearby villages, including her fief HighCliff until she finds t...

  • Rangers Apprentice: Forgotten Ruins
    12.9K 923 33

    The grassy slopes rose high above the ruins of the ancient castle. The legends were fascinating stories of hero's and underdogs, rising above to take on the challenges they faced. The sight was incredible. Nearly 1400 years since it had been the home of the greatest legends of the Common Era. And now here we are, stan...

  • A Ranger's Apprentice for life. (A Ranger's Apprentice FanFic) Book 1 *Redoing*
    30.1K 718 34

    Keira, a girl growing up in the Redmont fief, has always longed to be a Ranger's Apprentice. When she overhears a rumor that the local Ranger is in need of an Apprentice, Keira tells the Baron what she wants. After a long struggle, the Ranger steps in and decides to accept her, more out of pity than want or need . Gr...

  • | Halt's Ranger Apprentices | This is War | Volume 2 |
    12.7K 594 23

    The stars flow through the sky, littering the dark blue canvas with lights. Will stares up at them, just like Annabelle does unknowingly. Annabelle, Princess, friend, daughter, sister, Ranger Apprentice, and now.. Missing. Being prisoner of the Lord of Rain and Night, has taken a dramatic turn into something more, in...

  • Halt's Ranger Apprentices- John Flanagan Ranger Apprentice fan-fiction
    59.1K 2K 43

    A fifteen-year-old girl, meets fifteen-year-old Will. Two apprentices, one Halt. The life of this girl was out of the ordinary, secretive, very few knew that the grim, dark and cunning Halt had been raising a girl for fifteen years. There's something that's been bottled up by people the girl had never thought twice...