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  • Un amour éternel
    15K 926 29

    Emma rencontre Regina Mills, mères de 2 enfants, Henry et Alice, et veuve. Emma va-t-elle céder au doute ou admettre que l'amour est souvent la meilleure chance d'échapper au passé s'ombre. Pas de magie

  • And Then There Was You
    20.9K 819 18

    Do you believe in love at first sight? Or maybe, it's more along the lines of lust at first sight. To Emma Swan, she knew her feelings were developing for Professor Regina Mills even through difficult circumstances. That won't stop her though. Emma knew she had somehow met the one... she just had to make Regina believ...

  • Troublante Attraction [EN CORRECTION]
    52.8K 2.4K 38

    Régina et sa meilleure amie Ruby sont allées dans le nouveau bar du quartier nommé" Rabbit bar" pour fêter la nouvelle promotion de cette dernière mais la rencontre d'une serveuse blonde au sourire éclatante va chambouler l'existence de la belle brune. NDA; LES PERSONNAGES DE OUAT NE M'APPARTIENNENT PAS.JE LES ADEPT...

    Completed   Mature
  • Un Rapprochement Inattendu ( SwanQueen )
    68K 2.6K 53

    Emma Swan et Regina Mills vont commencer à se rapprocher en tant que amies suite au décès de Robin des bois , si au début leur relation n'est que de l'amitié , leurs relation va prendre une autre tournure , ce qui provoquera un rapprochement inattendu entre les deux femmes . ATTENTION !!! : je dois préciser que cette...

  • i hate u, i love u
    14.2K 717 14

    SwanQueen AU. Collab with @hausofswanqueen Emma's 24 Regina's 26 Emma Swan and Regina Mills are best friends. Well.. Internet best friends. They've never met in real life. They're both popular YouTubers. They met online through their fan bases. That's all you get to know :) you gotta read to find out the rest :)

  • Swanqueen: The Evil Queen's Toy ♧
    137K 4.6K 35

    • what a better way to hurt her enemies other than kidnapping their stupid daughter? •

  • Pain Is Meant To Be Felt
    519 43 3


  • Forbidden Love (Swanqueen)
    1.9K 133 9

    Swanqueen AU

  • HausOfSwanQueen
    272 11 1

    This for my good friend @HausOfSwanQueen

  • Is this real?
    1.4K 66 3

    This story is going to be about Lana and Jen from the cast of once upon a time. Never wrote a morrilla story so I wanted to give it a shot

  • That Night (On Hold)
    3.4K 166 10

    Emma was sat in grannies eating lunch as usual but this day was different. She was anxious. She had heard that someone was coming back to town but she didn't want to see that person. Everyone was happy but little did they know what happened that night. NOTE: This story will include bullying, physical abuse, suicide an...

  • "SwanQueen" Trapped in her charms
    55.8K 2.1K 17

    Young and vulnerable emma swan is looking for a internship to help her graduate from University. finding the perfect job she finds herself distracted by a sophisticated brunette who takes her life to the next level.

    Completed   Mature
  • My personal drug ( A SWANQUEEN fanfic)
    1.2K 65 3

    It's a one shot

  • Heading Home
    84 9 2

    A story of sacrifice and unwavering loyalty.

  • Magical Mishaps
    280 8 1

    Trina Mills attempts to impress her sister, wanting to prove she was better than the silly blonde savior at magic. The outcome doesn't exactly prove she's better at magic, but it did out a quite peculiar secret..

  • Surviving High School
    72.9K 3.2K 35

    A SwanQueen AU. Emma's the new girl at Storybrooke High learning how to survive but how can she keep to herself when her English teacher catches her eye?

    Completed   Mature
  • Amnesia
    239 15 1

  • Animal shelter(A SWANQUEEN fanfic)
    1.1K 115 4

    Emma swan owns a very successful animal shelter and her son Henry is very helpful but what happens when Henry goes off to college and she has to find a new employee will she fall in love ? Or will it end badly.

  • Swan Queen Prompts, Texts, and Imagines
    969 45 5

    Hello Dearies, (lol cheesy I know but go with it) my name is Dianne and this is my first time writing anything SwanQueen or anything #once related so bare with me and I'm sorry ahead of time if i make any mistakes or mix some stuff up on accident and so on. But any who I'm going to be writing SwanQueen (obvi) one shot...

  • Who knew (A SWANQUEEN fanfic)
    2.9K 247 10

    Regina owns a very successful bakery in storybrooke What happens when a beautiful blonde walks in ? Will they fall in love ?

  • SwanQueen One-Shots
    18.4K 524 19

    Completed   Mature
  • When All Else Fails
    426 25 2

    Emma Swan was known throughout her parents Kingdom for her beauty. Long golden curls, and eyes greener than the trees of the forest; However, To her parents dismay she kept them under a helmet as the commander of the guard, On a routine check through the enchanted forest several members of the guard go missing, and i...

  • Swanqueen Oneshots
    703 23 2

    A series of oneshots of our two favorite ga(y)l pals because really who can argue with more swen :) A/N : I do not own OUAT or any of the characters. Also, the picture used in my cover above does not belong to me. Swendgame ;)

  • SwanQueen will win.
    8.2K 229 6

    Swan Queen shipper ? Cette histoire est pour vous! Résumé Faite d'amour, de tristesse, d'amitié, et d'aventure, l'histoire d'Emma la sauveuse de Storybrooke saura vous toucher. Venant tout juste de perdre son bien-aimé aux enfers, Emma part dans une profonde dépression.. Ses amis et sa famille sont là pour elle, mais...

  • Untold chapters of our story
    257 6 2

    A collection of short stories based around the Once Upon a Time ship, SwanQueen. ------------------------------------------------------ All stories are a fabrication of my imagination. The plots are mine but the characters belong to the show Once Upon a Time and the shows amazing writers

  • I'll Get You Back, For Sure
    3.5K 107 5

    Emma et Regina se sont séparées il y a longtemps, et la blonde a laissé son look d'adolescente attardée au placard depuis Regina. Elles se retrouvent à un dîner organisé par Mary. Une combine ? Sans doute. Emma retrouve également le petit Henry, qu'elle a élevé comme son fils les premières années de sa vie. Comment...

  • Swan Song
    128 7 1

    when Emma met Regina in the Enchanted Forest for the first time something inside of her knew Regina was the one; but when the pair is faced with the worst situation imaginable will their love be strong enough to overcome and conquer the obstacles they face?