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  • Voltron: The Other Altean
    23 1 6

    The paladins find a surprise waiting for them when they head to a seemingly abandoned frozen planet, there they find an old altean ship and upon further inspection they find someone, a close friend of Allura and Coran.

  • Castlevania: Reunions
    2.3K 61 20

    What if Lisa Tepes didn't die, but was saved by a Belmont, a younger sister of Trevor Belmont, read how they travel to stop Dracula, meeting Trevor, Sypha and Alucard along the way and the two are reunited with their family. Trevor's not happy at all with the news, his little sister is a half vampire like his annoyin...

  • Young Justice: The Future Heroes
    51 0 16

    You know the story of Amber, Dick, Wally, Artemis. Connor, Kaldur and M'gann, this story will focus on their children as they struggle living a dual life, while their parents are experts in that area, disagreements and other things in their personal life while trying not to break down in front of the team consisting...

  • Detroit:Become Human - Hope (Connor x OC)
    248 11 11

    Kamski was smart, but he didn't count on his first model turning deviant, however he decides to send her in the field when more deviants are sighted. He often thought he could create the perfect mix between humans and androids and now, years later, he realizes that he did it, someone who looked human, sounded human an...

  • New Avenger - Thor Odinson
    38 0 7

    The group encounters a threat, but not one they expect, Tony seems to know more then he lets on, but when he does tell them they're all surprised, his adopted sister went missing and hasn't been seen since, no one knows where she went, but they know they'll find out if they fall into the trap laid out for them oh so o...

  • The Slave and The Pharaoh
    650 12 10

    "But Pharaoh-" "No buts my dear, I'm their king, they can't tell me what I can and can't do" "If they find out I'm dead" "No you won't be". A slave finds herself stuck in the palace to serve the future Pharaoh, but things get complicated when both get feelings they aren't allowed to have. Of course people will oppose...

  • Lost Friends (DL Subaru x OC)
    339 19 13

    Subaru had a childhood friend, who moved away with her mother, he knew she was a vampire and that her mother was the queen of vampires, who didn't like his father one tiny bit. Despite that the two kept meeting at a hidden clearing in the forest. Subaru kept coming there, but he doesn't expect his friend to move back...

  • Life of the Batfamily
    264 1 21

    Bruce decides the boys that they need to learn a bit more, but how does he do that? By taking in three morr kids, girls to be exact, of course he wasn't ecpecting the servant that comes with them, but he figured that would work out just fine. Ages will be reversed, Damien is the oldest and Dick the youngest, I will on...

  • The other path (HTTYD Hiccup x OC)
    547 1 7

    As soon as Hiccup was declared the winner and to fight the Monstrous Nightmare he leaves in the middle of the night on Toothless. Landing on an island far away that has a village too, there he notices that not all vikings are against keeping dragons, especially not when he is invited to watch the race with the chief o...

  • The bird and the Oracle
    336 1 14

    Ever since a mission to Bludhaven Robin has been acting strange, even Connor noticed it. But when Batman orders them to go back and find someone named Oracle things go downhill, Robin disappears completely during that mission and M'gann is the only one to find out why.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Return to Ancient Egypt (Atem x OC)
    1.2K 29 8

    Yugi and the gang(including Seto and Mokuba) all miss Atem a lot, though not everyone will admit it, they find out by accident Seto has build a machine that can take them back to Ancient Egypt, a surprise will be waiting there, especially since Atem is skeptical of it and has his experts investigate it, causing the gr...

  • Fairy Tail: The Vampire Princess
    48 0 5

    On a mission to a hidden guild Natsu trips over something in the ground, not knowing what it is they dig if up to find a coffin, but before they can do something the ground opens and they find themselves in a cave. Following that out they find the guild they were suppose to find, but something's off, it's completely e...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Phoenix Goddess (Atem x OC)
    10.4K 294 72

    While Yugi and the gang are trying to restore the Pharaoh's memories a new person joins their group, Ruby Kaiba, Seto's sibling, but they start questioning that story when Seto claims he only knows her for a few years. After some questioning they find out she is telling the truth, but something is still off, especiall...

  • Harry Potter: The Hidden World
    21 0 3

    It comes a surprise when professor Snape of all people finds a girl on his doorstep, not just any girl either, one with the eyes of a dragon and able to use magic without the help of a wand, so what does he do? Adopt her and keeping everything he knows about her secret from everyone, besides McGonagall, who promised n...

  • Black Butler: Undertakers daughter
    881 46 10

    Ciel and Sebastian get an odd request from the Undertakes, apparently he took in a girl and adopted her, but thinks she should grow up normally with the Earl, what happens when they accept the request and promise to give him frequent updates?

  • KnB: The other Generation of Miracle.
    90 0 8

    Akashi was surprised to find out that several other sport clubs have members of professional skills, so one by one he challenges the sports team to a game of basketball, starting with the volleyball team and ending with the soccer team, but he is, like everyone else, shocked to see the skills they have.

  • The new guardian
    32 0 2

    A new guardian is called, but why? There isn't any danger at all, but that will soon change and the guardians will have to get the new one before Pitch gets her first, what guardian is she you ask? That's for the story.

  • Young Justice: Dark times
    193 0 25

    Despite the action the League has taken things didn't go any better, they went worse, it was like World War 3, but with criminals looming around every corner, with the few save places left they had to do something, Bruce Wayne had allowed people to stay in his manor, closing of the way into the Batcave having a zeta t...

  • The Frozen History
    24 0 3

    Kaname hasn't been acting the same after hearing the news that the castle he used to visit(before he went into a slumber) is frozen solid, but he knows how, hunters have done that to prevent the royal pureblood vampires from taking over the world, which they didn't even want to, so now they want to finish the job. Ka...

  • Young Justice: Last Hope
    1.3K 13 40

    The young heroes are send on a mission to Robin's old circus, but Tony Zucco is back for revenge and not just any, he plans to bring everyone down, sabotage everything, but they're too late to stop someone to suffer the same faith as Robin once did.

  • The Unknown Sisters (KnB Story)
    101 0 5

    Aomine and Kuroko both have a sister, no one knows though since they have been living in France, however they decide to come back. Though Akashi's younger sister moved away with their mother to that place as well, they became best friends, so when they moved back to Tokyo they started living together in a penthouse, o...

  • Attack On Titan: Forgotten
    268 5 14

    Levi his two friends died on their first expedition, but his third friend was still in the underground, so once Erwin found out he got her out of there. Things seem to be going well until they find out that Levi has completely forgotten his closest friend. Will things work out or will things get even worse?

  • Vampire Knight: Lost Princess
    1.1K 36 8

    Yuri, Haruka and Kaname had kept Yuuki hidden, but Rido had hidden someone as well, another Kuran princess, his daughter, but she grew up with her mother Shizuka Hio, however, another family member turned her into a human, at Shizuka's request so Rido can't use her for his own good, then she was found by none other th...