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  • The Boy without a Name
    30.9K 1K 20

    Based off MTV's Teen Wolf, about Lydia Martin's relationship with Stiles Stilinksi and his new mental struggles, along with the rest of the Teen Wolf characters and another mystery in Beacon Hills that may tear everyone apart. Pay attention to the small details because not everything is what it seems. Updated at least...

  • Things Change--A Stydia Story
    97.9K 3K 17

    Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Allison are all normal people. However Lydia, being abused by her husband is searching for guidance or a Savior perhaps. One night when things get out of hand she finds herself going to the two people she knows she can trust. When she finally arrives at Scott and Allison's house the person wh...

  • I see you - A Stydia AU
    42.2K 1.1K 10

    She has never been kissed. He got expelled from his last school for sleeping with one of his teachers. What happens when they meet? Stydia AU This is for the prompt "Imagine Persons A and B of your OTP both go to a private school. Person A is really studious and innocent, like never have been kissed type of thing. In...

  • Stydia Oneshots - Teen Wolf.
    56.6K 1.9K 8

    Every AU under the sun... for one chapter :)

  • UNFINISHED Stydia AU - Room Mates - Teen Wolf.
    586K 19.8K 36

    "One love, one house." .............. Set in an alternate universe where Stiles and Lydia had never met, they are stuck as room mates for a year. It's not ideal. Stiles has no idea how to act around her, and for once, a boy is somehow making Lydia nervous. It's complicated. Meddling supernatural friends aren't much he...

  • Anchor ✵ stydia au
    70.9K 2.3K 27

    Clank. Clank clank. - After Allison dies tragically, Lydia falls into a deep depression. She only gets out of bed for food and doesn't talk. Stiles is blaming himself for Allison and he comes over one night just to talk but ends up staying the night twice to comfort a heart-broken Lydia. When a shocking purple moon ri...

  • The Flight ➶ stydia au
    20K 832 7

    A fourteen hour flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne should most likely be uneventful. You sleep, you watch movies, you listen to music, nothing out of the ordinary. So what's the chance that two people can be sat next to each other on a flight... And fall in love. There is obviously no logic to this claim, due to t...