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  • Garmau One Shots(Garroth x Aphmau)
    153K 5K 140

    So, I haven't written a story about GARMAU in a while, so I decided to do it. There will be plenty of one shots to fill your hearts, including many many many Disney and Fairytale related ones, hence the book cover.

  • Aphmau's world ( my street x real world )
    89.4K 2K 29

    When Aphmau keeps disappearing, everyone on My street wants to find out where she is going. But when they fall into a portal that leads them to the real world, they have trouble fitting in.

  • Aphmau x Garroth
    284K 6.3K 54

  • A Love Story ( Garroth x Aphmau )
    33.3K 865 27

    Hi! Welcome back This is a Completely New book, The Other Story Has Sadly.. Been Cancelled I Just couldn't Continue. I Was getting bored Anyway! I Hope you enjoy the new one! Also! Alot of credit goes to "SavyResaro" for her Garrmau Fanfic! I Loved That story! <3 Story line: Aphmau was a princess, Of a small town Call...