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  • Soul Like Feathers[ON HOLD AND EDITING]
    396 63 17

    Two human-faerie hybrids; both of the same blood, and power. Living a lie for as long as they remember, Val and Brett Kormandelle were finally led to their real homes, Srofkane, and where they thought they would finally uncover the truth, more mysteries begin to unfold. But only one thing remains true... ❝We shall ris...

  • Pokéwar
    148 13 7

    Even though no one knows what to do anymore, everyone has a side to betray. In a land where people have pokémons for fighting their battles, who would win the war? Highest ranking: #96 in Fantasy +ongoing

  • Hidden Magic
    295 19 20

    Magic. A fictional fantasy that was made to entertain those with imaginative minds. And Nathaniel didn't really care about the whole magic concept. He had to finish his last year of high school and magic didn't really play a role for the most part. Plus, it was just fiction right? Well, all I can say is that his world...

  • Dance Macabre: Tales from a Cursed Land
    131 3 30

    The cursed land. A prison to throw those who people in power want gone - and not coming back through reincarnation. Raviel could not stop his brother from being banished to this realm, but after 10 long years of magical research he finally has the means to go after him and bring him home. If only finding him in the la...

  • Soul Survivor
    542 85 17

    Something should have told him it wasn't going to end well. It all started with a lust filled night at Temptation night club. Jace Liner, a man who's never been successful with getting a girl, is approached by one of the hottest in his graduating class. The moment Jace agreed to leave the club with her, his life cha...

  • The Araminai Chronicles: Azura's Goblet
    126 9 14

    She was a natural born assassin.. stolen from her mother and molded into the best weapon the village could create. They had taken everything from her but they could not take her freedom and she was on a journey to recover it. He was a disgraced Knight raised by an iron fist... scorned by those around him and labe...

  • 🎶Melodies Of The Wind🌬 #Wattys2017 #WrittenInAction #SparklerAward
    463 82 13

    The city was as bright as dark can be. Gregory walked towards the woman in gold, she who danced with a golden dress and chanted with a violin. Who was he to interrupt such view? He was nobody, that's who. "The story was very good. It had a great use of language and the wording beautiful." 8.8/10 points -Book Reviews...

  • The Emperor's Daughter
    665 132 66

    Asgard. An empire ruled by a powerful family born with magic in their veins. An empire doomed to fall at the hands of one man, if he is not stopped. When the King of Roran Province, illegitimate son of the emperor and his mistress, is murdered in cold blood at the hands of a vengeful former prince named Kainan, a bloo...

  • A Song Of Elves
    127 21 6

    When a single flower withers, a whole garden will bloom ~~~ Graecia is ruled by humans. But it wasn't always so. The coming of humans into the fair land drove the native elves, dwarves, and dragons into hiding. Every new discovery Fiona makes shatters what she had believed to be true. Her life is turned to chaos as sh...

  • The Boy With the Frozen Heart
    174 15 8

    Fourteen years ago, Kai was abandoned in a forest because of his Frostborn identity. Fortunately, a woman found him and took him in, raising him with the rest of her family. And all was well. For a time. Now, the steady land of Tolin begins to crumble. A dormant magic inside Kai awakens, slowly freezing him to dea...

  • Differ-ent
    2.1K 196 51

    In every fantasy story that involves supernatural creatures, humans are the weakest, aren't they? Sometimes they don't even count as creatures anymore due to their uselessness in fantasies. But what if... What if it was the other way around? - \\ Despite the English Description, ang storya po na ito ay written in Ta...

  • Phoenix Ascending
    1.9K 286 16

    In which Amethyst Caldwell and her best friend Aventurine are on a risky journey to find Amethyst's supposedly dead father, meeting a mysterious boy and an unpredictable girl along the way. Fantasy meets romance in this exciting, action-packed teen novel by new author S.I. Baquero. -=+=- ~ Highest Rank: #724 in Fantas...

  • Shadows in the Citadel [Book 1]
    496 71 17

    Going to be rewritten. ~*~ A GREAT CITY QUICKLY FALLING INTO RUIN A DESPERATE KING WITH MUCH TO HIDE A REBEL GROUP SICK OF OPPRESSION A PRINCESS RETURNED WITH ALTERNATIVE MOTIVES Princess Adoni had been apart of the Crimson Honor Guard for the past 10 years, training the magic that ran through her veins, mastering the...

  • Warriors in White (Completed!)
    327 32 21

    Completed! Highest Rank: 844 in Fantasy Welcome to Ediema, a world of forever winter. The winter spirits, which are also called the Eimans have kept trying to plunge the world in full winter forever. Then one day, the Eimans had got stronger, then started claiming New Edieman territory. Then the generals hire a profes...

  • The Witching Hour
    6.8K 1.4K 43

    Author: @dc_III Illustrator: @AlseyGrayland Avalonna and Connor Bishop are unknowingly the children of a witch and a human in a world where magic is persecuted and supernatural beings executed. The reign of the Red King and his queen truly began with the murder of Meredith Bishop, the sibling's mother and the last of...

  • Warfang [(Book One)]
    682 75 40

    Nathan Kazuma is far from normal. His family was killed, he was put into foster care then eventually kicked to the curb. He decided to carve his own path. Embark on his own epic journey. This journey might be more dangerous than he thought. These nightmares he's having are just the beginning. This journey is about to...

  • The Timed Prince
    826 179 10

    Flip the 255-day hourglass and start the countdown! The countdown towards the revelation! Tick tock. Time is running. Tick tock. Time is now running for Mikhail. He has to choose between two pressuring choices. It might aid him... or be a reason for his fall! All will depend on his choice to: Ignite a rebellion? Or...

  • Starving Fever [On Hold Till 9/3/17]
    375 61 17

    Vierra's peaceful existence as a rural mining town ended, not with a bang, but with a shrilling laughter of the insane. A sickness has spread through the town. Those who come down with the fever lose their minds and gain a thirst for the only thing to cool them down- Human blood. They had become hunters of night, prey...

  • Lost Prince (The Cosmos Series)
    1.2K 316 11

    Tale of a Nactan Prince engaging the world's land searching for true answers behind his mysterious visions. Along his journey he'll meet allies and friends that'll help him achieve fulfillment. He then masters the art of 'sento' as he found himself trapped into his destiny he never even wished for. As strong and mi...

  • Psyche: Aaron of the West
    264 1 10

    "So," she smirked, "Why did you never return my letters?" I had never received a letter. But when I tried to tell Grace such, she scoffed loudly. "Ridiculous, I sent and sealed them myself. Are you implying sabotage?" she teased. "I'm not implying anything," I shrugged. "Preposterous," she said, "Nonetheless, I have a...

  • Ballad of Silence and Wings
    30.3K 1.7K 12

    A silence to keep and a wicked queen to defeat. An exiled princess returns to her kingdom, bent on slaying the immortal sorceress, the Queen in the Glass Mountain. By her side is the Caster, guide and protector. Perils await them on their quest, and will test not only their strength but their hearts as well. Yet h...

  • The Dragonstones: Descended Heroes
    759 139 13

    This is The First book of "The Dragonstones" series.

  • Ancient's Realm: The Royal, the Unfortunates, and the Folks
    4.8K 1K 65

    ❋ Highest Rank #196 in Fantasy / March 2nd, 2017 ❋ From a simple visit, one would think of the Kingdom of Varamith as a prosperous and joyous kingdom. However, those who truly know the kingdom, know about the deep dark secret hidden by the royal family. ...

  • Bellatrix's daughter [George Weasley]
    25.7K 1.1K 50

    Hogwarts. A few years after the defeat of Lord Voldemort , comes to the School of Magic Ellemir Lestrange , the daughter of Bellatrix . Why? What will happen when she will face George Weasley , now a professor at Hogwarts , after all these years still shaken by the death of his twin Fred during the last battle agains...

  • A Hole In The Underworld
    166 12 19

    A young man named Mike was seperated from his little brother when he was twelve. While Mike concentrated on picking up his personal life his little brother 'Kevin' roamed the underworld, becoming a high rank assassin and a powerful fighter. While Mike is not thinking about the past and enjoying life, he sees a long l...

  • Dagdromer
    809 67 19

    Een groep mensen komt erachter dat ze deel uitmaken van één persoon. Om erachter te komen wie die persoon is en waarom ze hun levens hebben geleefd zonder het te weten, zullen ze alles doen, ook als het betekent dat ze daarna niet gewoon verder kunnen leven... Het beest haalde uit en klauwde recht door haar arm...

  • Hail to Nulla
    149 14 7

    He is born from a blob of meat, he is alone, deep inside a dark cave, and the first thing he sees...a beautiful statue with a red ribbon, just for him. He grabs the ribbon, and holds it close, for the mission he now must take, is in the north. He is no where near the man he needs to be to take on this quest, but who e...

  • Valkyrie: Dawn of Ragnarök [Book Three of the IGU] [#Wattys2017]
    1.8K 295 21

    {The 3rd chronological book of the Infinite Gates Universe} Archeologists Jan, Blake, and Richard were excavating and exploring newly discovered ruins in Greenland. Upon falling deeper into the ruins, thanks to a collapsed pillar, Jan saw scriptures like no other carved into the stone floor and walls. Across from her...

  • Cassandra
    122 3 7

    Cassandra Willows isn't your average 18-year-old con-artist. She's the heir to being the Queen of Thieves. Jason Malone isn't an assassin. He's an average guy. When the two meet, they end up on a whirlwind adventure to save Cassandra's legacy from being broken. _____________________________________...

  • Freak Of Nature
    2.8K 385 18

    Caution!!!: Don't go on random bike rides in the middle of the night. Why? Well, you could end up breaking through a magical barrier and stumble into a deadly fight between two mythical beasts. Not so bad? Okay, how about one of these beasts chomps into your flesh, placing a curse on you that forces you to leave al...