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  • The Roommate Rulebook
    16.9M 500K 33

    Available as an audiobook on audible, iTunes and wattpad band camp! Be sure to check the new version out to hear the characters come to life! "And rule number three, knock before you enter my room," I finished, moving my fore finger down with the instruction. His smirk widened as he leaned on my door frame. "What hap...

  • A Phone Call Changed My Life (One Direction fanfic <3)
    740 21 3

    Sophia Evans, a typical 18 year old teenager who moved to London. Life is reasonably easy for her, her family might not be the richest, she might not be the most popular girl in school with a hundred boys gathering around her table during lunch, she still fits in easily. But all of that is to change when she discover...

  • First LOVE (rewriting and major editing)
    8.4M 94.6K 42

    I'm not your average teenage girl. I'm a werewolf. My parents died when I was 13. I have four over protective brothers. My 16th birthday is in a week, And I'm going to shift for the first time. Oh, and did I mention that I would be meeting my mate? _____________________________________ This book was written two...