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    but your dad just calls me katya Mostly rpdr shit honestly

  • Jojo's Bizarre Oneshots
    49.2K 1.2K 37

    This is a book about oneshots with you in the wonderful world of JJBA. Jojo is in my top 3 animes that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!! So enjoy, the stories!!! Now introducing Part 5!!! Now it's parts 1-5.

  • Her Sister, Her Shadow
    110K 3.2K 31

    Anemone Komori is Yui Komori's Younger Twin Sister, or rather, her Shadow. "Who am I, her Sister, her Shadow? The latter." Prologue: Her Shadow (Anemone's POV) In a cab, I'm sitting across from my Elder Twin Sister Yui, although I'm more of her Shadow than Sister. We're currently on our way to our new Home; my so-ca...

  • Drag Queen Imagines
    19.6K 559 22

    The title says it all! I will be doing imagines for quite a few drag queens such as Katya, Bianca, Trixie, and Raja just to name a few. I will also take requests for most drag queens. Some imagines will be written in a theme (basically, separate preferences) and there may be some two-part imagines. When I write about...

  • human!Ice bear x reader lemon
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    too lazy to make a cover

    Completed   Mature
  • I Can't Help It. (A Johnny Vincent fanfic, from Bully
    5.2K 74 34

    Maria Hernandez never pictured her life ending up at Bullworth. But now she's stuck here. At least she has some friends she grew up with, such as Derby Harrington. But her life takes an unexpected twist when she develops feelings for the leader of the "greasers", Johnny Vincent. Set in the Bully universe.

  • Diabolik Lovers: Yui's Sister
    22.1K 673 21

    Akisa Komori is a 17 year old girl and is Yui's younger adopted sister.Akisa's parents and brother were killed in an attempt to protect her. Akisa tries hard to forget her past because she blamed herself for her family's death. Now Akisa has to live with Yui and the Sakamaki brothers but she didn't want to see her s...

  • [UNDER EDITING] Persona 5 | Akira Kurusu X Reader | The Heart Of The Joker
    216K 4.6K 80

    [UNDER EDITING] Author: ANIMEgirlfan173 (Me) Note: ■ The real name of the protagonist is Ren Amamiya, I'm using his Akira Kurusu name in the manga Disclaimer: ■ I do not own Persona 5, all rights belong to Atlus and Sega ■ I also do not own all of the fan arts, music, video clips, etc. use in this story, all rights be...

  • Enigma (One Punch Man Fanfic)
    127K 5.4K 37

    Reader-insert story (y/n) has been free from the clutches of her past for 2 years now. However, it has finally caught up to her and it isn't planning on losing sight of her again. In order to escape her fate, she teams up with our favorite heroes, Saitama and Genos. Along the way she finds that she has more to worry a...

  • Young not stupid - Diabolik Lovers
    83.8K 2.6K 18

    Rito Komori, ah Komori, the same last name as Yui Komori. Rito was adopted into the Komori family after she had dealt with a horrible family life. Her "father" was a manipulative, cheating husband to a kind intelligent woman who had 4 children. One of those children was Rito, she had 3 older brothers, but they had a d...

  • Your Demonic Soulmate (Bendy x Reader)
    45.4K 1.5K 25

    Warning: Dark themes ahead: Death, Violence, Sexual references, dark jokes, alcohol, blood, depression, suicide references, and abuse references as well as moderate profanity. In this world, there are smug Monsters, greedy Humans, Demons with sticks shoved up their asses, petty Angels, and stuck up Celestials. You? Yo...

  • Diabolik Lovers Short Sad Stories
    12.1K 315 12

    abuse , self-harm , & depressing thoughts. [ finished & cover edited by me ! ] » published november 1, 2017 » finished february 3, 2018

  • Stubborn (Delta Rune: Susie X Fem!Reader)
    34.2K 1.2K 27

    「She's in solitude」 「She's impecunious」 「She's in neediness」 「She's ashamed」 ♡Can they cure their wants and needs?♡ #1 on videogame #1 on Deltarune #1 on susie #23 on undertale #2 on yuri (Cover was made by me. Art included both in the cover and the book does not belong to me.)

  • Various X Reader OneShots + Lemons | Discontinued, Up For Adoption
    87.7K 497 23

    Read the title, that explains it all. Btw, lemon means sexual content, if you don't like, then don't read. And I am taking requests, so please feel free to say a character you want me to do, and I'll be happy to do it. Anyway, enjoy! Cover art belongs to me!

  • Bullied by One Direction.
    102K 3.5K 33

    'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

    Completed   Mature
  • Karlheinz's New Wife (Diabolik Lover)
    19.4K 523 5

    "Boys... Meet my new wife and your new mother." Togou announce as he wrap his hands around her waist.... "Togou.. I like.. No.. I love all of them!" The six vampires eyes widen.... "They are all perfect!" She face Togou and cup his face.... "Just you see! I will shower them with a lot of love of mine!" She say with a...

  • A Bunny and His Butler
    126K 4K 33

    Hybrid!Male reader x Ciel Phantomhive. Claude is on the look out for a new master that isn't as bratty as the last one, he finds the perfect one out in a huge forest,lost,hungry,and scared.

  • | |Kakyoin x Reader x Jotaro: Rejoice for Love | |
    123K 3.7K 40

    The innocence of one can be shattered to the tyranny of this world at any moment. Yet for some, they are faced with difficulties ungodly to his world, and remain untouched to the pain. There lies a girl, still so young to this ancient Earth, floating in the crystal seas of sadness and hurt. She floats silently with li...

  • Cherry Boy (Noriaki Kakyoin x Reader) {Slight NSFW}
    1.4K 42 1

    Image is not mine! All rights to the owner!

  • The Subway
    1.1M 56.2K 39

    She hated riding the subway. It was cramped, smelled, and the seats were extremely uncomfortable to sit on for hours on end. Now add a group of crazy weapon wielding maniacs to the ever growing list of reasons why Gemma hated riding the subway. Gemma Conners is an eighteen year old senior and for the past two years s...

  • Elemental eyes (Diabolik Lovers x Male reader)
    13.8K 390 8

    So I decided to make this to make up for me deleting ninjago x female reader so here you get ^-^

  • Slashers x reader one-shots {Book 2}
    481K 13.2K 145

    This book is the Second part, so if you didn't read the first one. Then I suggest doing that! This is a continuation of our love for the Slashers and horror monsters, so please enjoy! The slashers aren't mine, neither are you, but the stories I write and my made up characters are.

    Completed   Mature
  • (Anime) X Reader
    3.2K 20 3

    Hello im the_hostage_ this book will contain the following: ·Lemons ·Limes ·Short stories · Etc All upon your request! All stories will be either: ·X (female) reader Or ·X (male) reader To request just dm me or comment and make sure to leave likes if you want me to continue~

  • Mettaton x Reader
    39K 413 8

    This is le one shot.... And guess what? ITS A SMUT/LEMON Oooooooohhhh yeeessss~ Now, if your wondering why it's not tagged completed, well that's bc I might update with more lemony goodness oneshot shit.. WARNING: Obviously language, sexual interactions, and extreme sexiness (lol)

  • Slashers x Reader one-shots
    492K 13.1K 164

    This is a lovely one-shot book of slashers, monsters, and anything from horror movies. Paired up with you! Hope you enjoy! {THERE'S A BOOK 2} This is an old book, so it will have some spelling errors, It'll be under editing. I do not own the slashers, or you. I only own the chapters.

  • Hideyoshi KinoshitaxReader (Actors, Music, and Gamers) Baka to Test
    8.7K 306 20

    (Y/n) is the new girl at the wacky school of Fumizuki Academy. She doesn't yet know about the crazy antics or rules of the school and doesn't seem to care since she's in a whole world of her own. She had been put in class 2-F under mysterious circumstances even though she seems to excel at most of her subjects and has...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lipstick Lover (King Dice X Reader Lemon)
    34.2K 425 3

    **Most Impressive Rating Achieved : #3 in Cuphead** You decide to turn up the charm and wear makeup during your shift at the casino to make a few extra tips. You hadn't expected for King Dice to keep you in his sights. Purple was his favorite color, after all. [*WARNING: 18+ for strong language, sexual content, forepl...

  • Psychotic Lover (AyanoXFem!Reader)
    284K 9.5K 38

    Ayano X Female Reader You find out your great aunt left you a large sum of money when she died. You don't know her, but since you're home life is getting pretty hectic you decide to move out and attend your last year of highschool living alone and going to a brand new school. A school where you meet Ayano.