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  • Beautiful Blood
    4.3K 64 21

    MyAnna's life seems to be a life of just another Japanese high school girl. Yet, she is everything but normal. A series of kidnapping and murder take her life to a completely different course when she herself becomes a psychopath's victim. But is he really a psychopath? To MyAnna's pure shock, the horrible crime hides...

  • Breaking Free
    639 19 1

    Caelynn has led an absolutely miserable life since she was eight. She's been bullied, called names and back-stabbed in any way possible. She's the geek in school, the unwanted pupil, the seat-filler, and the invisible one. No one likes her, and some pretend to. But Caelynn wants to stop it once and for all. She's h...

  • The Memory Box (Dr.who FanFic)[COMPLETED]
    10.3K 385 15

    Imagine waking up in a strange room and forgetting how you got there. Then, imagine realising you've not just forgotten the night before, you've forgotten three years and your best friend. My name is Allora Jackson; I used to travel with The Doctor. This is the story of how he saves my life... and my memories. This is...

  • Life's Always Bad, Mad and A Little Bit Crazy
    2.8K 127 11

    Amber Riverwood used to be a normal 17 year old girl. She used to date boys, be quite quiet and be completely addicted to Temple Run. But, when something horrific happened to her, she was forced to move house, school and even change her appearance. Little did she know that her past was going to jump out of the shadows...

    479 30 2

    Sonny LeBlanc is a New York City Taxi Driver with a less than average ability that he uses to help his fares in some small, sometimes insignificant, way. But suddenly the government calls on Sonny along with four other talented drivers to save the city from an oncoming threat. Unfortunately, their abilities always com...

  • Infall [u.c.]
    903 49 2

  • Demon Stories
    96.7K 2K 127

    Killing: an act of love so sweet your body falls victim to such an ecstasy the staccato of the heart bursts your very soul and you perish into the stars above like so many unfortunates who have met the one called demon. Beau, Violette, Diana, Josephine, and Saya are demons who snatch the lives of the living to live t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Day They Cured Death
    32.9K 1.4K 25

    It’s the year 3027; humans are not what they use to be. Life is now constant. Death is non-existent. They did it. They cured humanity's biggest downfall - death. Now instead of dying something, very different happens. This is what happens when two lovers fight even through 'death' to be together.

  • What Comes Next
    413 62 3

    No one knows what happens when you die, where you go, what happens to you, if there even is anything after life. Some may not know this, but if you die a violent death, one that was not natural, you don't move on. You are trapped with the living until you can fix the one thing holding you back. For most all they have...

  • Ending Innocence (boyxboy)
    222K 6.3K 26

    Luca hides his secrets on his body. Caden just wants to be accepted. What happens when these two meet? One, has to learn to accept his past. The other, has to figure out his feelings. Both have to face their demons. Some will stand in their way. Others will encourage them. Ultimately, they will have to fight if their...

    Completed   Mature