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  • Stalkers | A Garmau FF| Discontinued..?
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    Our story begins in Chocolate Village, well at least, the end of Chocolate Village. An average teenage girl moving out of her old town. Her name was; Jessica Aphmau Colon. Jessica, or preferred Aphmau, had flowing black hair, and hazel brown eyes, that has that shine when she smiles. Aphmau wasn't like all other girls...

  • Phoenix Drop Love, A Garmau Fanfiction
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    In the middle of their senior year, Phoenix High receives a new student, Aphmau. Garroth Ro'Meave notices her instantly and falls in love. But, there is a wicked twist in their story of love and a calling force that will damage a heart. What will happen and who will get hurt? Authors note: These characters do not belo...