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  • Still Hurts
    15K 295 36

    An Alex Ovechkin fanfiction

  • NHL One Shots :)
    59.2K 963 50

    Just some hockey ideas I thought of :) If you want one written for you then let me know :)

  • Hockey Imagines
    17K 215 10

    Hockey Imagines of NHL players

  • Slowly, Then all at Once (Jonathan Toews Fan Fic)
    13.6K 294 10

    Sophie Patterson was excited for a new start in her favorite city, Chicago. Little does she know that her life will change when she meets a certain Canadian in the park. (Jonathan Toews Fan Fic)

  • Don't Break The Ice
    15.9K 304 62

    Madison Williams is a bright young woman who enjoys her job taking pictures for the New York Rangers at the World's most famous arena which is Madison Square Garden. In her past she has dealt with neglect and betrayal. Now finally on her own, finding ways to adjust, and do what is best for her; one night she runs into...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hockey one shots/Requests Open
    15K 456 55

    Hey guys! I started another one of these, and never posted. SO i have decided to re start, because I have a couple ideas. Make sure to request! || Requests are closed

  • cold pillows ┊a.p┊
    154 42 3

    "Dokázali sme to spoločne."

  • Hockey Imagines
    135 4 1

    Just regular imagines of your favourite hockey players from North America. Requests are open.

  • NHL/CHL Imagines
    37.1K 501 27

    One-shot/imagines for hockey players. Requests are: OPEN Updates: Wednesdays

  • Too Much Soup {Jonathan Toews}
    42K 613 33

    Elizabeth didn't think much of the date. One night right? How many more blind dates was she going to be set up on by her bestfriend? But one date leads to two, which leads to three. Which then leads to lies and misconception...leaving Liz to wonder if this was going to work. Could he accept her for her ways?

  • Boom Heartbreaker
    171 7 2

    3 years and many miles apart. Augusta was born in the south but found herself falling for a big city boy….who just so happens to be Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. This story portrays their long distance love story from both perspectives and the trials and tribulations of it along the way.

  • Hockey Imagines
    30.1K 321 32

    Just some imagines of your favourite hockey players! They can be from any league, just give me your name, player, league, a vague plot, and setting. I would prefer if you messaged me your request, just so I can do them in order. If you request, it can either be a personal, or just Y/N, your choice! I hope you enjoy! ...

  • NHL Imagines- one shots!
    15.2K 183 13

    just stories about all your guyssss favorite hockey players!!

  • Until I Met You
    13.9K 330 28

    Alex Galchenyuk Fanfic. Eleanor LeDrew moved to Montreal for one reason. To get away from her hometown, Rockshore Estates. Her aim was to finish University with little to no distractions but when she bumps in to Alex Galchenyuk, a ice hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens, her world gets turned upside down. Alex fo...

  • Therapy (p. kane)
    13.3K 375 21

    When Pat needs a little stress reliever and a girl that has mad dancing skills collide.

  • Out of the Blue {Jonathan Toews}
    571K 8.6K 45

    Christine Brown is a nurse living in downtown Chicago with her roommate Brianna. Her love life has been less than stellar, with many boys cheating, lying, and trying to get in her pants. She's done with all the games and decided to focus solely on her career. Jonathan Toews is the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks...

    Completed   Mature
  • hockey jokes
    67.7K 1.9K 32

    basically i make fun of hockey teams hey. *** warning: your team may be offended ***

  • IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN (A Johnny Gaudreau Fanfic)
    21.5K 430 14

    Meeting him, chance. Kissing him, a drunken mistake. Falling for him, a twist of fate. Admitting to it, something that would never happen.

  • melancholy // b. bennett
    2.2K 135 8

    "How can a psychology major want to kill herself, you may ask?" Roselyn leaned closer to the ledge, peering down at the gushing Monongahela below her. Beau considered grabbing her arm, but knew she'd jerk away if he tried. "Well, fact of the matter is, while you think you have friends, you just don't." She was wrong...

  • NHL Jokes!
    9.4K 196 37

    Insulting jokes to all NHL fans :)) (Update: tysm for 1k reads!)

  • NHL Imagines
    301K 4K 113

  • 3апомнить "Remember" ~ Artemi Panarin
    409 13 2

    Peggy never dreamed of this in a million years. She never believed shed make it this far. All the way to America. Chicago to be more specific. He made it big in America and so will she. Everyone from their hometown will rememeber her name too.

  • Off The Ice // A Patrick Kane Fanfic
    314K 4.5K 33

    A story about a girl who never listens and a hockey player who can't get her out of his head

  • Hockey One Shots(on hold)
    119K 1.2K 53

    A variety of oneshots for players in the NHL! I take requests & update daily if I can!! Xxx enjoy

  • Hockey Imagines
    62.1K 735 47

    Just a little obsessed

  • Show Me Love
    850 64 5

    Indie moves to Montreal, Canada in order to get a fresh start in her life after being urged by her best friend Elena, who is currently dating Brendan Gallagher of the Canadiens. She meets a beautiful stranger by chance, who turns out to be Alex Galchenyuk of the Canadiens, who just happens to be Gallagher's best frien...

  • NHL Imagines
    670K 7.6K 107

    Imagines with your favorite players (Mainly NHL, but I'm also open to do OHL, AHL, NWHL, etc.) Thank you so much for reading!

  • A Little More You (Jonathan Toews)
    61.1K 1.5K 36

    Mati Ross is a 22 year old song writer who knows nothing about hockey. Somehow, she ends up with an internship with the Chicago Blackhawks, where she meets Captain Serious himself. Not impressed, Mati could care less who he is. But Jon has other plans....get the girl.

    Completed   Mature
  • Off the Ice |D. Brassard|
    15.1K 500 26

    Gianna, sister of New York Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh, finds herself stuck in a life of living with her brother as soon as she is out of high school. She finds herself moving to New York City with her brother at age 18. She soon catches the eye of Derick Brassard. She finds herself in a power struggle between not w...

  • How much do you love me? (Brendan Gallagher Fanfiction)
    2.5K 27 11

    I've always lived a crazy life, I've moved three times in my life, but it's not moving from a house to the coiner of the street. It's crossing the ocean to get to the new place I will call home. This is just because my parents and I both live an actor/actress life. So paparazzi and pictures and rumours are quite part...