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  • Lovers Turned To Strangers (CharDawn)
    45.8K 827 36

    Akala nila, forever na. Yun pala haggang doon na lang sila.

  • MAYBE THIS TIME (chardawn) *EDITING!* ✔️
    497K 7K 113

    "Two Old Sweethearts Fell Apart.. Somewhere Long Ago.. How They didn't know.. someday They meet Again, They never need For more Than Reminiscin'..." Pero paano kung HULI na Ang Lahat? Kaya mo pa bang ipaglaban Kahit ito na ngayon ay isang Pagkakamali? >>CharDawn<< For All The PENGUINS Out There!!! Yeah :))

    Completed   Mature
  • His Fake Wife (CharDawn)
    149K 2.5K 57

    "I'm Rachel Zulueta-Gomez and I'm His Fake Wife" - Rachel

  • Revenge
    222K 153 3

    I highly recommend for you not to read this. Graphic sexual scenes. Heaps of grammatical and typgraphical errors. Don't spend your time reading something that is not worth reading and editing for. I guarantee you that you are just wasting your time if you continue reading this. Advice: Go ahead and get an actual book...

    Completed   Mature
  • Could It Be?
    274K 11.1K 119

    Their daughter is getting married and she's gifting them with a second chance. Will they make it work?

  • FRAGMENTS: And So It Has Come To This
    29.8K 734 14

    The last chapters of "Fragments", a CharDawn fanfic

  • FRAGMENTS: Scenes
    16.5K 318 9

    A flashback series from the CharDawn fan fic, "Fragments"