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  • Best Completed Wattpad Books
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    This is a collection of my favourite books on wattpad, so look inside if you're in search for any recommendations or amazing books to read to fill your time. Remember to leave me a comment to let me know if you liked any of the books I've recommended and remember, I love being recommended books too! I claim no rights...

  • Close To My Heart Wattpad Romances
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    Wattpad romances which are bad for your health. They make you laugh hard, cry harder, and just take you to one hell of an emotional journey. Enjoy guys!

  • Amazing Books On Wattpad
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    This book is a list of all the amazing books that I have read and liked. New to wattpad; No more pile of unread in library; want another good read, well then welcome. The books recommended in here are according to my taste in reading. You find them as interesting as I do, then "hey i think we connect". The content of...

  • Wattpad Must Reads
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    Stories to read on Wattpad Finished a story and wondering what book to delve into next? Here is a selection of Wattpad stories I have read, fallen in love with, and am now recommending to you! [In no particular order] Highest : #43 in Random

  • Midnight Reads
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    These books had me staying up as late as 3am. I guarantee you will love these books, especially if you are into the same genre as I am (which is mostly, but not limited to, romance). And even if you're not into that genre much, then take a look at the books in here and maybe something will catch your eye. ♔♔♔♔ The bo...

  • Best Romance of Wattpad
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    Sometimes it's hard to comb through the thousands of romance books on Wattpad and find a great romance that'll drive you crazy! Look no further, because I've made a highly selective list of the best romance on Wattpad that will make you swoon at the bad boys, cry at the heartbreaks, and fall in love with the beautiful...

  • Wattpad's Best
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    The title says it all.

  • Best Book Characters on Wattpad!
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    This book shows my favourite book characters on wattpad.

  • Best Romance Books on Wattpad!
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    Do you have a hard time finding a good romance book on Wattpad? Well this is right place for you.I have great romance book recommendations, based on books I have read on Wattpad so far. Highest Rank #21 in Random-7/9/16 Started:5/4/16 *Updates are slow, please be patient*

  • Read More Books
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    In Need Of Something To Read? Yes? Than You're In Luck! This Is A Collection Of My Favorite Wattpad Books...

  • Best Romance Books on Wattpad
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    This book consists of self picked romance novels that kept me wanting more. Sexy, lovely, lively, and amazing.

  • I Recommend
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    Just Wanted To Recommend Books : I Ask All The Authors Before Recommending Their Books Just To Be Safe: Book Cover By: @aLovelyDayDream Go Check Her Out Made A Second Onee ‼️ Go Checkk It Out

  • ~Beautiful Reading~
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    Book reviews on more or less romance stories. This are books we recommend if you have any to recommend or for us to review message us. WARNING-THERE MAY BE SPOILERS OF SOME SCENES. I DONT WANT ANY COMPLAINS SAYING WE SPOILED THE STORY, YOU ARE WARNED NOW OF SPOILERS! Sunny x Fifi x