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  • one shots
    1.5K 64 6

    book full of hariana one shots.

  • detention // river phoenix // au
    26.5K 833 10


  • Dopamine |h.s|
    625 42 9

    A chemical in the brain which transmits love itself. Love. Lust. Sex. Addiction. He is my dopamine. 5-16-15

  • divorce [h.s.]
    1.9M 70.3K 89

    [COMPLETED] "I think you enjoy the divorce therapist more than the therapy." ©lonelyari 2020

  • beyond the black lines | styles
    97.7K 4.7K 35

    Evelyn Davis, born and raised a hunter by her single father, learns that there's more to life than defeating monsters and sending spirits to their demise when she meets a 200 year old demon named Harry Styles. Inspired by the hit TV show, "Supernatural" © intococaine

  • incandescent | styles
    3.5K 261 5

    She wishes she couldn't feel anything, but when you're stuck in this eternal inbetween there's that gratitude that you can feel, that you can touch and you can experience. Florence just wished she didn't feel this way about him, but you can't control free will and so her feelings for him remained incandescent. © intoc...

  • Crave || Harry Styles (on hold)
    57.5K 2.4K 16

    "Little Flower, listen to me. I don't need you, I crave for you."

  • dickaphobia ➲ c.h
    552K 27K 34

    dickaphobia; (n) the fear of dicks and being creeped out by them. © sleepydrummers 2k15 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. #26 in Humor/#129 in Fanfiction

  • assistant » jack gilinsky
    3.2M 74.6K 42

    "i'm your boss, not your friend." + lowercase intended highest rank: fanfiction #4

  • The Best Friend || H.S || ON HOLD
    47.1K 1.5K 42

    Ariana Grande and Harry Styles have been Best Friends as long as they can remember. Harry started liking Ari at 18, and Ari started liking Harry at 14. What happens when they start getting hints that they like each other? Will they date? Will that ruin their friendship? Is it to much hate for Ari? Find out in 'The Be...

  • The Beard // l.t.
    17.1K 648 7

    ❝The most important rule of being a beard is to not fall in love with your partner.❞ ❝Well then, some rules were just meant to be broken.❞ [ not a boyxboy fanfiction but it will include some larry.] [ this is the worst fucking book ever please don't read you will cringe so hard ]

  • paint it black [h.s]
    2.8K 225 10

    "What do you mean?" I ask in a shaky voice. His once scintillating green eyes, turn from emerald to stone cold green. A kind of green that is a beautiful shade, but gives off a deadly vibe. "We can't be with each other." I shake my head. His voice gives out an evil chuckle. I watch him. "Oh, sweetheart, do you th...

  • laconic ↦ luke hemmings {au}
    146K 6.3K 11

    COMPLETED | MINI-SEQUEL TO PLACID | Silence won't save you.

  • kurt cobain's suicide note
    19.9K 847 2

    this is kurt cobain's suicide note

  • snapchat ⋙ luke hemmings
    232K 10.6K 9

    in which two teenagers find the consequences of snapchatting the wrong person may not be so bad. (Short Story #259 / Fanfiction #792) © 2014 by isohlate. || All rights reserved.

  • My Boyfriend's Father [h.s]
    769K 16.5K 14

    a story in which a girl gets a little too involved with her boyfriend's family. © 2016 pokemonouis

  • café et des notes [c.h]
    125K 6K 26

    silly, isn't it? how a few cups of coffee and some notes brought us together?