Amazingly_Awkward's Reading List

  • The Boy Who Lost His Sight
    14M 280K

    "Why are you being nice to me? I'm a freak, I'm blind," Riley had once asked her, but Ellie could never answer that question, and she would never be able to. ...

  • Cut through my skin, pull you within (On hold)
    14.3K 253

    A world where shifters are the only race in the world. Lucia is the King’s daughter promised to marry a man she cares for but doesn’t love. When Dawson joins t...

  • Finding Love in a Coffee Shop
    7.4M 182K

    Katie Holmes is a caffiene addict. Between college, and taking care of her brother, it's acceptable. Though, it doesn't help that the cafe down the street is f...

  • The Vow
    7.7K 128

    I love you. The three simple words were so short, yet meant so much – a perfect combination of fire and passion. It was the statement that all girls longed to...

  • It's Hard Being in Love With a Malfoy...
    130K 4K

    Sequel to I think I'm in Love with a Malfoy...It's Lily Potter's seventh year at Hogwarts and her relationship with Scorpius is going strong as ever. But her l...

  • Playing The Game (Playing With Fire sequel)
    123K 2K

    Four friends. One secret. One game. Things are about to get a little heated.

  • Chasing Pavement
    727K 7K

    For all of her life, Lilith has been running. She ran from her imperfect home. She ran from her unloving father. She ran from the feeling that she harbored tha...

  • Sink Into Me
    13M 169K

    "What if it were possible for me to live forever? Would you still love me then?" He asked me. I stared into his light green eyes and said, "I'd love you until...

  • The Boy with the Reindeer
    1.5M 16.8K

    PREVIOUSLY "I thought Santa was supposed to be old...and you're, well, hot!!" I used to think Santa was an old man with a white beard, rosy red cheeks and a...

  • Silent Love (Completed)
    7.8M 151K

    It was Luna's first day at her new high school as a senior and the small and soft-spoken girl immediately catches the attention of the schools tall, dark, myst...