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  • Mystery of The Westbury Faery: Contest
    62.8K 1.5K 36

    Do faeries truly exist? The World Faery Society (WFS) is determined to answer that question by investigating its biggest mystery yet: The Westbury Faery. Is she real? And if so, who is she and what is her story? But the WFS can't do it alone; the Society needs your help in writing her story. Explore the evidence, read...

  • Therapy Letters - Words that Heal
    17.6K 2.2K 78

    A book filled of anonymous letters that express the pain, joy, and words left unspoken. If you ever wanted to express yourself, confront your bully, or finish unfinished business, you can. Expressive writing helps many heal and you can submit your own to start your own healing, or spread your happiness among others...

  • Memoirs of a Worker
    58.7K 3.5K 32

    I have had a very eventful life. The stories that I post are from real events that I have witnessed. Some of them are quite humorous, some may be totally outrageous and shocking, but all of them are true (Most of the time, real events are lots better than fiction anyway). I hope that when you read these clips from my...