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  • Yes Sir [TaeKookMin]
    1.1K 62 1

    In which Jeongguk's math and science teachers tutor said bunny. Things escalated quickly than Jeongguk had expected. Created: 09/10/17 Started: 09/10/17 Finished: Status: Hiatus ©CREAMYGGUK

  • robbers.
    930 94 4

    based off of bonnie and clyde. taehyung-jeongguk

  • invalid | vkook
    16.5K 856 4

    love wins | "when there is poison in his head, his voice saved him"

  • gay
    1.6M 58.7K 15

    "it's not gay if we call it a brojob!" (06/2016-10/2016)

    Completed   Mature