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  • Desires
    2K 43 5

    Chris and Darren share a trailer. Things happen. You'll see...

  • Klaine Klaine and a bit more Klaine! (Klaine one shot fanfiction!)
    9.7K 369 19

    This is a book full of Klaine one shots! Some in the future some in the past most in AU! I hope u enjoy! (P.S. Finn is still alive also i im pretty bad at discriptions so just take a chance on me please!)

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Bones, Unbroken Heart
    54.4K 1.9K 29

    Blaine volunteers at the Lima Hospital and Kurt is a patient, will they find true love?

  • Transfers
    11.2K 343 17

    It all starts when Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton, an all boys school with a no bullying policy. Or so they thought, there is only one girl at Dalton, her name is Blaire Anderson, the twin sister of the heart throb Blaine Anderson. Blaire and Blaine are the stars of Dalton, Blaine being the leader of the Warblers, an...

  • Save Me
    3.2K 147 13

    Kurt Hummel is one of McKinley High's cheerleaders, but this does not mean that Neanderthals stop acting on their homophobia. Kurt stays strong, but what makes it better is a new boy that has just arrived. He's handsome, and has all the characteristics Kurt looks for in a friend and boyfriend. Yet, something about ho...

  • Perfect In My Eyes- A Klaine Story
    128K 3.7K 17

  • YEARS {Glee/Klaine} ✓
    183K 6.4K 35

    Kurt Hummel's life had led up to the very moment he took the chance to escape to the big city, New York. Blaine Anderson's morning had led up to the moment he stepped into homeroom. When back in the hometown of Lima, Ohio, Kurt and the other graduates have the opportunity to help out the Glee Club and reconnect with o...

  • Being Good Isn't Enough
    1.4K 87 5

    Television series Glee just started and one of the main actors, Chris Colfer, and the crew and other cast has to find a perfect partner to play Kurt's (Chris') partner, Blaine Anderson. _____ Darren is trying really hard, but will it be enough? _____ Hi! So this is my first Chriscriss fanfiction, hope you like it ;)

  • Against all odds
    205 14 1

    Blaine Anderson has everything; the perfect girlfriend, loyal friends and an unquestioned respect at Mckinley High. Kurt Hummel has friends, but that's about it. Being the only out kid in a high school in northwestern Ohio, life was never going to be easy but no one ever prepared him for this, for one Blaine Anderson...

  • Stars May Collide (Klaine)
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    My name is Kurt Hummel. Basically, my life is a living hell. I mean, I had just had a conversation with my best friend about leaving my school. I didn't want my senior year to be ruined just like the rest of my high school. The only good thing about this place is glee club. Then again, maybe not. Just when everythi...