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  • White Noise (Spencer Reid)
    18.4K 627 9

    When in only a few weeks time two people associated with the B.A.U are executed on national television and an intern gets kidnapped, the tension rises at the B.A.U. As Ariel Keegan's time is running out Reid and his team try to do everything they can to connect the dots and find out who the mysterious murderer is to b...

    42.4K 786 12

    Dr Spencer Reid has been keeping and secret from his team mates for years, always afraid of what they may think of him, what they might do. Afraid of loosing his friends, his family, he locks it away. Until one night when mistakes where made. Secrets and Lies will be told and troublesome fate awakes the young doctor.

  • Indecisive
    14.4K 320 19

    The sequel to undercover. After a few more uneventful cases and one very eventful one, Reid ends up back in the Behavioral Analysis Unit with Charlie at his side, and someone new on his other. Someone Reid seems to think of as far more than just a friend. Also, a trust is growing between him and the team, which is o...

  • Sin to Love 2 (Spencer Reid Love Story)
    86.8K 1.8K 42

    "Every true and deep love is a sacrifice." -Carl Jung Can love overcome the trials of dark pasts, vile secrets and crime? Spencer Reid is smart enough to know what's right from wrong or does he? When it comes to the way he feels about Carmen MacAdam, he can't seem to choose.

  • Dangerous
    92 7 1

    "I kill people who deserve to die. The rapists, murderers and serial killer scum that make society unsafe. It's hard to balance killing and being a top ranking female FBI agent at the same time." When Ramona gets a promotion to one of the most elite criminal justice agency in the U.S.A will it aid her cover story or w...

  • Never too Late
    3.7K 125 6

    when doctor Spencer Reid joins the BAU everyone thinks they know him. but like do they know what goes on in his mind that is until he meets her... the only person to understand how he feels. and what he's going through.

  • TRUTH OR DIE? (Spencer Reid fanfic)
    11K 202 7

    My name is Spencer Reid and I am an undercover agent for the CIA that has been working in the BAU for 5 years. I have my beautiful wife Stacy and brilliant daughter Valery to get me through the tough times. But no one can help me when my team pay a visit and demand the truth that can get them all killed.

  • Love is stronger ( Spencer Reid love story )
    4.4K 184 11

    Spencer's POV *Nightmare* I lay in in my bed with my arm wrap tightly around the only love of my life. This is the way I wake up most mornings, with her curled up close to my chest trying to soak up every bit of warmth I give out. Me tightly holding her so I never have to loss her. I squeeze her tightly to know I'm aw...

  • Adolescent Struggles {discontinued}
    4.5K 118 15

    "Life can be changed in the flicker of the sweetest smile." FBI Agent Dr. Spencer Reid has worked for a team of criminal profilers on the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit since he was twenty-two, has three PhD's, two BA's, an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and has had an uncountable amount of bad days. When he finds himsel...

  • Her Heartbreak (Sequel to His Best Friend) *slow editing*
    48K 1.2K 31

    Katalina Matthews is finally reunited with Spencer Reid, after being kicked out of her own home by her family, a pregnant teenager. Now that they are together with their daughter, Annabel Lee Reid, will they will finally live in peace together? What happens when a certain enemy of Prentiss returns? I do not own Crimin...

  • Spencer Reid and the Broken Girl
    249K 7K 37

    sometimes really bad things happen to really good people ------------------------------------------------------ Lea was drowning in a world of pain and depression was cutting at her heart like her blades. Shortly after joining the BAU, she meets Spencer, a misunderstood genius that wants to know all her secrets. But...

  • BAD
    441 21 7

    Spencer Reid doesn't want a good girl and he doesn't want a dumb girl. He wants someone he can butt heads with. Someone who stays out to late and when he calls, she doesn't answer her phone He's getting sick of predictable. Tired of acting logical. He wants something physical. Not something invisible. Finally, he mee...

  • spencer sucks // spencer reid
    2.4K 86 7

    What if Dr. Spencer Reid is a lot more than a wimpy genius. When an unusual case digs up his mysterious past how will he explain it to his team mates. How will the team react when everything they thought they knew was contradicted. Spencer Reid is barely who they thought they were, he's barely human at all...