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  • Will you still love me even if I'm a man?
    2.7M 90.4K 117

    Author: Angelina I already give credits to the translators in every chapter. Edited by: Jay // Dynasty of "Like love" Lovers --- "Hey classmate, please hold your horses." Mai Ding called out to An Ziyan. An Ziyan turned back to look at Mai Ding as he mumbled and stuttered a little saying: "Well, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Want to Be Your Man (English vers)(BoyxBoy) Chinese NOVEL
    1.2M 39.7K 98

    Author : Angelina Etrans : Emrys Jays this novel not belongs to me, i just reupload and re-edit this for more fans of like love . When Su XiaoMi realised that he is one of homosexual that people nowadays always talk about, he have already like Yanyan for one school term. In the beginning, he was like how other people...

    Completed   Mature