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  • Eye of the Hurricane ▸ Scott McCall (2)
    627K 21.2K 43

    Ella Foster wasn't human, and she certainly refused to be a pawn. But there was still a lot for a girl like her to learn. (e. foster | book two) (tw | season three) (cover by amanda)

  • Into the Wreckage ▸ Scott McCall (3)
    199K 7.4K 37

    Ella Foster wasn't a villain, but she certainly wasn't a hero. (e. foster | book three) (tw | season four and five) (cover by amanda)

  • Before the Storm ▸ Scott McCall (1)
    682K 20.9K 19

    Ella Foster wasn't one to believe in the supernatural. Little did she know that her unbecoming was a long time coming. (e. foster | book one) (tw | season two) (cover by amanda)