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  • His Doll (Ziall Horlik)
    5.6K 380 5

    Zayn kissed a doll just for his sister, but he didn't know the doll was going to turn human. Highest rank #24 in barbie

  • Beautiful King (Ziall Horlik)
    1.6K 133 4

    Zayn Malik was the King of the Royal Castle, he simply had everything a King or person has ever wanted. A perfect life, a perfect house, a perfect family, even a perfect wife. Zayn just thinks he has it all but when a couple of far away family memebers come to visit Zayn realizes that he's actually been missing one th...

  • Cherry Pop (Ziall Horlik)
    61.6K 2.7K 35

    "Why do you always taste like Cherry?" "Because it's my favorite!" Or when Zayn goes over to the Horans house for the summer, just to run into a hormonal fifteen year old boy that LOVES older men...and Zayn just might fit his likings. A Ziall Horlik fanfic

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Niall,
    1.8K 203 10

    I get letters, but dont know who its from. But one day he'll make a slip up.