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  • For The Sake Of Coffee
    225 30 1

    Sania Taksh is everything fairy tales warned you against. She is a sorceress of great power and immense heartlessness, and she always goes after what she wants. Anukesh Reddy is not fine with being conquered, not even by someone who could magic his bad marks off his reports. All he wanted was his morning coffee, but...

  • His Smile
    165 9 1

    ...In that moment of loss, my whole world crumbled down. And he stood there, watching me. Unaffected. A smile playing on his lip...

  • Laddoos, with Love (Diwali Special)
    3K 351 6

    In which a fiery food lover clashes with a sous chef over important stuff- laddoos! A cute fluffy story for this Diwali. Happy Diwali!! This is a Diwali gift to all my followers and friends on Wattpad! The first chapter is posted on Oct 25 and each chapter will be posted until Oct 29(the day before Diwali) There are 5...

  • The Coffee Shop 『SHORT STORY』
    204 9 3

    What is it that can happen in a mere coffee shop around the corner of the street? ~~ I watched as he took my heart along with his coffee.

  • The Art Of Being A Friend
    518 64 1

    "He was not, however, familiar with girls with blonde ponytails and constellations of freckles sitting under trees in his own backyard, bawling their eyes out." -★- In which it is realized that there are many definitions of being a friend -★- Wonder The Movie Contest Finalist

  • Cycles
    58 7 1

    Eliza just wanted to get away from school, society, people in general, just for a little while. She went to her usual spot, completely unaware that she wasn't alone. Does she survive? Only one way to fine out.

  • The Sparrow's Nest
    81 25 2

    A birds nest is a very interesting object. Have you ever seen one and wondered how intricately it is weaved? How many different kinds of nests do you know of? What kinds of eggs do birds lay? Do you see Sparrow's these days? Why do you think some species of birds are not seen anymore? "Think about it " 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗...

  • Short Little Surprise
    113 26 3

    Hello boss Chinu.. For you (: And.. No Thanks.. world's best twinnie @AnAspiringSoul and the craziest friend @AnkuGarg for all your efforts. It really means a lot.

  • εὔνοια
    1.1K 151 132

    He always appeared in my dreams, a blurred face but I found him beautiful. He made me feel like my dreams were my reality. I will see him tonight, I will always see him in my dreams and when I close my eyes. A collection of my dreams and my beautiful mind put into words. My letters to my bias in BTS. A collection of...

  • Smeared Canvas 🖤✌️ (COMPLETED)
    236 61 18

    Things happen-to us and around us. Yet we all walk through each day faking ourselves. Pretending to be sane and hopeful for a future which is vague. We live in a world created by ourselves for we cannot thrive in the real one. Yet when night comes, we peel ourselves off the perfect skin which we have made for...

  • Treats from My Soul
    799 333 25

    This is a collection of poems straight from my diary. Hope you all enjoy and appreciate it.

  • The Little Things
    267K 7.8K 5

    Twenty-two year old Grace McCaffrey is humiliated when she can't find a job after graduating college and has to move back in with her parents. She always assumed she'd do something big with her life-create change or do something that matters-not work at the Banner Market as a cashier. Soon, Grace gets roped into be...

  • Ten Minutes
    69K 6.7K 12

    { In which a plane has ten minutes before it crashes into the ground, leaving only ten minutes left for the people inside of it. }

  • That Old Lady
    60 11 1

    How people not related to us, can leave a big impression, without having a clue. A short story, describing such thing. Hope You guys will like it.😊

  • Capsuled Reality
    264 25 8

    A collection of my scribbles within fifty words. From a poor novelist to eternal friendship, these scribblings will explore my passion in life. © All Rights Reserved #174 Short Story - Rated

  • Transformed, Depressed and Stuck
    11.4K 1.4K 47

    ".. its hard to be human when she has never been one." Choosy was a she-dog, until life took a big turn. Scientific experiments changed her life forever, and she wakes up one fine day only to find that the humans have forged her into a beautiful human girl. The humans give her no choice, and as she is thrown into...

  • Lost in SpaceTime
    1K 110 13

    A knowledge based documentary in the form of a story which tells you about Galaxies, Black holes and the Universe. It also accidentally steps into an unknown dimension taking you through some of the probable pasts of Earth and Mankind. It is purely fictional in nature with a pinch of reality.

  • THE OBLIVION #CollateralBeauty
    236 30 1

    OBLIVION: The state of being disregarded or forgotten. Isn't Oblivion biggest fear of mankind? May you fall in love or fall out of love, you fear of Oblivion. May you live or death takes you away, you fear of Oblivion. And time is the measure of Oblivion! [#CollateralBeauty]

  • Dear Mother
    438 42 2

    A letter written by a daughter to her mother. A rather unusual letter. --------------------------------------------------------- Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.

  • Her One And Only Wish
    5.7K 707 11

    This is the story of a small 5 year old girl, Preesha, whose parents left her at the door step of an orphanage, when she was only one week old. Her only wish is to have a mom and dad who would love her unconditionally. When she sees her friends getting adopted, she becomes sad as no one adopts her due to a small flaw...

    1K 264 19

    Hello people!!. This book is all about my photography!! I would like to share my photograph with you people. Let me tell you one thing, all this photo are taken my me, with my mobile camera.This picture are processed a bit. So plz do vote and share if you like my pics!!

  • A Little Touch of Magic | The Callers #1
    3.4K 351 30

    Ilaina is an orphan with no memory of her time before the orphanage. Although the matron has always been nice to her, and the other children generally let her be, Ilaina has always been restless. Something big was coming. She wasn't sure what, but she knew that it would change her life. What she didn't expect was a ha...

  • The Earth Must Fit Somewhere
    901 135 1

    Awesome cover by @MulanJiang. It is often said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. What if, in some future, this myth becomes real and the two facets of humanity are separated forever? How will we see each other in such a world? And where will Earth fit in the picture? Find out the answers for yourself a...

  • Bleeding edge
    1.7K 340 9

    Computers. Monsters. Murders. Green eyed devils taking over your mind. Seems like the perfect plot line for the next sci-fiction film, doesn't it? But what if, this wasn't just another picture on screen anymore? All Elsie wanted was to get rid of the nightmares that seemed too real to be brushed off as mere hallucina...