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  • Sa Isang Sulyap Mo
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  • Computer Shop !
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  • WIFI ( love Story )
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    Wifi Or Wireless Fidelity Most Of Us Can't Last A Day or Even a Minute Without This. 'Cause According To Them " When I was small, a hotel must have a swimming pool. Now, it must have free wifi." Pero Teka? Anong Kinalaman Nito Sa LoveStory ko? >,<

  • Public vs. Private
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    original draft/unedited(you've been warned hahah:) (Book one and two are now available in bookstores^__^) Pacific Academy's Mr. Perfect meets Batangas National High School's Ms. Perfect. . . pero panu un? diba same charges repel?!

  • My Princess :) :* [KathNiel <3]
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