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  • Legally unwanted
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    What happens when you are legally bonded with someone who doesn't wanna tell the world that you are his legally wedded wife?? What happens when you have to be a stranger to you own husband?? What happens when you get treated as a daughter more than a daughter-in-law by his family yet unwanted by him?? Do peep into th...

  • MANAN - I LUV U means I TRUST U
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    Hello readers..... Dis story starts frm d court incident frm d moment NANDINI reaches d court to give her statement on SOHA's murder case for MANIK

  • MaNan -Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi
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    Hola Amigos... Here I am with a new story on MaNan Arranged Marriage. I know there I zillions of Arrange Marriage tales of MaNan; when I say this these are beautiful stories.. But those who know me and have read my stories will know that I do things differently.. Hope you all will like it and even if not I'm ready for...

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  • Mananff-EHSAAS.... A Love Saga!
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    Manik and nandini two emotionally challenged souls find each other and rise in love with each other..... They fight for their love for each others happiness..... Yes, they rise in love and not fall as according to me no one ever falls in love they only rise.... This story is of two people who themselves create a...

  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go? ✓
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    Mrs. Nandini Deshpande had a perfect life-a loving and caring husband and a family, who she wasn't directly related to, but who cared for her like their blood-relatives. However, in a matter of 24 hours, her life changed. The love of her life, Nikhil, left her. Her life took a ninety-degree turn as the consequences of...

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  • Manan ff Vivaah
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    What happen when a down to earth girl get married to a rich arrogant greekgod. Will she be able to work out this relations ? Lets find out guys This story the CHARACTER will be all mix Hope y'all like it This story is private so you have to follow me if you want to read the story

  • MaNan OS - Love? Not My Thing.
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    ONE SHOT. It's the story of a girl who fall in love with a guy in the very first meeting but kept on denying that's what girls do but the guy was so consistent, he didn't let go off her. Read to know more. Taddaaa.

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  • MaNan..unconditional love!..(on Hold)
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    One will never believe in love unless until one feel by heart.But for a broken soul,its a difficult task to feel love by their heart cause they do not want to hurt further themselves by getting their trust and love for one get broken. Here in this story see the love of a pure soul who mends the broken heart of other s...

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  • MaNan os 18+ Soul Mates Reunion
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    Completed   Mature
  • MaNan happily ever after. Part-3
    2.1M 96K 136

    Continuation of my previous two books! Manan forever ❤️

  • Lips Do Lie
    139K 10.3K 20

    A story of two strangers when they meet on a trip to Goa. Nandini the naive girl next door cant handle her attraction to the mysterious Manik with a hidden agenda. A story of plum rose and bathroom's and secrets and a life and death chase and lies.

    2.2M 119K 135

    #1 fanfiction on 21/09/16 - 22/09/16 #2 fanfiction on 8/09/16 #3 fanfiction on 18/06/16 #4 fanfiction on 15/04/16 Written by - Mawara_Ejaz

  • Love- A Four Letter Word!
    1.2M 62.7K 114

    Nandini kneeled in front of him on her right knee and held his hand. Manik gasped with surprise "today i nandini murthy promise you that from today i will shine for you...i will follow you everywhere you go...i will always hold you in darkness... i will laugh with you and i will cry with you....i will always stand by...

  • MaNan FF Our Passionate Nights
    696K 15.6K 30

    MaNan FF Written by: Nikki This story is full of passionate romance, love making of the couple, pure love of manan, nokjoke, little masti with friends. Basically this story is HOT AND PASSIONATE. In this story mostly you will read passionate nights of MaNan..

  • The Impulsive Soul-Mates
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    Characters Hi everyone, I am Nandini Murthy, 23 yrs old from Ahmedabad(Indian city). I am the daughter of Nand Kishore Murthy and Ragini Mehta . I am the fruit of their love and so is my name i.e. Nand-ini. But Appa's(father) no more with us, he passed away when I was 10 and since then we, matlab me and Mom have been...

    1.3M 25.8K 51

    A MaNan fic......Journey from engagement to wedding!!! The story contains a LOT of hindi dialogues also so if you have translation problem...kindly refrain from reading.Thx and regards!!! Only are the first few chappys are free to read..remaining have are meant for followers only!

  • Parth & Niti (PaNi FF) Finally found you !
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    Hello everyone ! I'm Mish and I'm a hugeeee fan of MaNan and obviously I love PaNi as much. ❤ but these two how much ever they deny it keep giving feelz in everything they do

  • Married Life [Completed] (Unedited)
    1.3M 65.7K 84

    SOME PARTS IN THE BOOK ARE PRIVATE TO READ THEM YOU NEED TO FOLLOW ME BECAUSE ONLY MY FOLLOWERS CAN READ THOSE PARTS. BEFORE ADDING THE BOOK MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ME. Winner of Mananff in Romance category. #book1 of Marriage series This is a mananff in this story married life of manan is shown. How arrange marriage tu...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ex's At War
    634K 38.9K 46

    Hello All Here I start with the sequel of The Impulsive Soul-Mates. Now don't jump out of your chairs with the name. Yes here MaNan are separate again only to bump into each other every now and then. It is going to be light and entertaining not very long though. I shall wrap it up soon. So sit back and enjoy and yes...

  • {EDITING} daddy samthaan » p.s + n.t
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    "It's just a one night stand. no commitments. no feelings involved." ©igotmonxski 2018 All Rights Reserved [Monthly Updates]

  • MaNan FF : Life With Nandini (DISCONTINUED)
    524K 13.7K 89

    This story is by yasmeenjuhi uploaded frm India Forums I hope ull enjoy reading this story.