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  • I Try To Picture Me Without You But I Can't
    1.8K 89 12

    Tori left PATRICK and all of her friends 5 years ago. She thought it would help the band and everyone around her. Despite what she thought, her life turned upside down. A couple suicide attempts, death and an abusive boyfriend later, she's on the run. Little did she know, a trip to the bar would land her in the arms o...

  • Alone Together (a Patrick Stump fanfic)
    43.1K 1.6K 48

    I never thought I would ever be in love---that just doesn't happen to a girl like me. That all changed.It wasn't till I met Patrick Stump that my world turned upside down. Now he is here and he has awaken something in me that I haven't felt in a long time-- hope. Will he be able to save me from my pain? Or will I succ...

  • Switched at Birth (A Patrick Stump Fanfic)
    407K 10.8K 41

    Kristina never really was the same as her parents. She was quite different. She didn't even look like them! Then one day, one phone call made everything make sense.

  • Let's Be Alone Together {Patrick Stump Short Fanfic (Smut)} ONE-SHOT
    2.3K 104 1

    ;) Smut warned

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby, Come Home (Peterick Oneshot)
    927 84 1

    Loosely based upon Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy

  • Patrick Stump Imagines (Book 1)
    521K 23.7K 205

    I'm here to help you imagine the perfect scenarios with your crush; Patrick Stump! (Admit it, this guy is your ultimate crush!) Just read for the sake of your entertainment and enjoyment!