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  • Reading List Guide
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    So, you've decided to share your story with us as well as the world of Wattpad. Congratulations! Whether you've recently completed it or are just starting out, we have the right reading list for you! Come on in to find out more...

  • The 2019 Watty Awards
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    The Watty Awards are Wattpad's annual celebration of the electrifying, visionary, diverse voices that choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year. Across a decade of Wattys, we've celebrated the journey millions of Wattpad writers undertake to bring their stories from their dreams and into the lives of readers...

  • Fabulous Award 2019 (Judging)
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    💓💓💓 Fabulous Award 2019 are officially open! Are you an undiscovered writer well then I assure you- you're at the right place (💓) Open (💓) Judging ( ) Closed .

  • Facts about Luigi
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    Facts about the green clad plumber that you might not know

  • Luigi's Mansion
    28.1K 812 29

    A novel. After mysteriously winning a mansion, Luigi must use his courage and his customized vacuum to fight ghosts and unlock the mansion's secrets in order to look for his brother who has gone missing. *** "...And the grand prize is... a big, haunted mansion?" Luigi...