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  • Jeune 20s, Strange cities
    902 30 12

    Collections of short stories about young 20 somethings, in strange places.

  • Chizuru 千鶴
    2.6K 383 12

    For Chizuru, life in Kushiro is all that she ever wanted; far from the blaring noise of the city, simple, and even with the absence of her father, everything seems perfect as long as she is with her mom. But when she found out about her mom's illness and that they needed to go to Tokyo to examine her, Chizuru realiz...

  • A Penny For Your Thoughts
    6.3K 315 6

    As an accountant, Dylan Reed's life revolves around revenues and expenses. Until a trivial encounter brings him and a free spirited surfer named Penny Campbell together. Spontaneous, energetic and lively, Penny shows Dylan that there is more to life than just numbers. When an accident takes away Penny's vision, the ta...

    678 68 24

    Billionaire John Sheppard almost destroyed our world 10 years ago. He's been in hiding ever since. Now an enemy only he can see has opened a doorway from an alternate Earth where his mistake was far more devastating. Will they make everyone on earth pay for his crime? Can he save us all... can he forgive himself? A...

  • The 31st Floor (Cellphone Novel)
    3.9K 444 34

    A tall building with 32 stories. The elevator takes you up slowly. Floor numbers light up as you ascend. 29... 30... 32... Wait... where's 31?

    156 16 7

    A farrago of teenagers brought up in Western suburbia whom - in the midst of their confusion and longing for indistinguishable gaps to be filled - feel as if their minds have been underfed. ⌲ sporadic updates ⌲ each part = separate character & plot ═════

  • Deception
    54K 4.8K 30

    In a time after a terrible plague came an era of peace and harmony among the six thousand, five hundred and forty three survivors. Sixty five years later there were still six thousand, five hundred and forty three survivors, who resided in a town called Mount Wescott, jagged peaks and forests surrounding it in every...

  • [sic]
    1.3M 21.3K 35

    Six teens are devoted to a game with one rule: If a player gets tagged, they must change their life within the next fifteen minutes. The better the player, the bigger the change. One might give their car away, or punch the school bully. Another might change identities or sacrifice their virginity. Anything to keep evo...

  • Secrets of the Antiwave [COMPLETE]
    563 93 16

    The year is 2083 and humanity has become an interplanetary race. Theoretical physicist, Dr. Elisa Rutherford, aided by her team, orchestrates a controversial experiment in the New Martian Territories. Although she'd hoped to solve one of the greatest mysteries in science, Rutherford hadn't expected to change the entir...

  • Remnants of the Fallen Sky -- Short Stories
    94 6 4

    "Now that the sky has fallen, all that's left is to listen to its stories." An on-going collection of short stories. Some of them convey a message, others portray a segment of a human life, several are just exciting adventures. The best of these stories combine all three aspects into one. #LitReads

  • Contests on the Literary Fiction Network
    3.4K 167 6

    Join our contests for literary fiction and win prizes and street... Wattpad cred! Within is information for the monthly, semi-annually, annual, everything in between prompts, themes, rules. This is an awesome way to get involved in the Wattpad community, encourage artful literary writing and thought-provoking themes...

  • Featured Reads on the Literary Fiction Network
    2.9K 116 17

    A featured read every week/two weeks will be recommended and reviewed here. Tune in and add to your reading lists for brilliant literary work that will for sure inspire or awe you in some way.

  • Guide to the Literary Fiction Network
    2.2K 210 12

    An introduction and comprehensive guide to the Literary Fiction Network: what we do, what we believe in, how we help writers and readers, how we plan to grow the community and onward! Submissions, Featured Reads, Category Reading Lists, Official Anthology, #LitReads, #LitFicChat, Magazine, Community Activities, Cont...

  • The Book Nook
    3.6K 426 40

    [WATTPAD STAFF PICK] "This story has it all - romance, mystery and books! You'll love the quirky characters and enticing plot." - @TEJJohnson - Wattpad Sales Development Specialist They met in a bookstore; he, a quiet, bookish boy content with watching life p...

  • The Universe Revealed
    39.4K 4.2K 200

    The Universe Revealed is my attempt to discuss more thoroughly the main questions that we humans should ask about our existence, our universe and our place in it. These are mostly my thoughts on science, religion and philosophy as it applies to the human condition. My first book, The Theory of Nothing, covered many su...

  • Printing Orion
    450 27 1

    Back on Earth, people print things like action figures and cars and houses but no one, to Commander Sage May's knowledge, has ever printed a spacecraft. And for good reason: no one is crazy enough to ride off to the vacuum of space in a 3D-printed vehicle. The technology is good, but not that good. Marooned in deep s...

  • Anthology of Short Stories - Vol. 1 (Literary Fiction)
    2K 96 11

    The anthology showcases works of literary fiction from talented writers on Wattpad on an ongoing basis. Send short story submissions of less than 5000 words to in the email body text (don't use attachments) for review, if you believe your work fits the essence of "literary fiction". See our profil...

  • Fringe Runner
    40.3K 3.3K 32

    The first novel in a new space adventure series! After the colonization of Mars and Europa, it took us fewer than five generations to reach beyond our solar system and discover new planets capable of supporting human life. Too far away to be governed under Earth law, the Collective was formed. Several hundred years la...

  • The White Man And The Pachinko Girl [For mature audience only]
    76.7K 1.2K 53

    **WATTYS 2016 WINNER** The White Man and the Pachinko Girl is a suspenseful, psychological thriller. The story begins with a chance encounter between middle-aged American expat Smith and 18-year-old Japanese pachinko parlor hostess Misa, whose paths crossed because of a murder investigation.The White Man and the Pachi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shanghai Nobody - When China falls in love with America
    88K 925 50

    **~FEATURED by WATTPAD!!** Shanghai Nobody is the story of one young Chinese man's adventure to find love and purposes in the 21st-century Chinese metropolis. Written in a humorous tone, author Vann Chow brought to you a satire of urban life in China. Her story explores cultural phenomenon such as China's gender imbal...

  • Picos Gêmeos
    2.7K 379 35

    I told my boyfriend: I'm thinking of starting a new blog but I have no idea what to call it. How do you say Twin Peaks in Portuguese? he asked. When he'd visited Brasil in 2000, he had joked how my family's town reminded him of a Brasilian Twin Peaks. Perhaps because of its eccentric characters. Perhaps because of its...

  • Pear Creek
    5.5K 131 9

    Arika's tiny village huddles along the banks of the bulging Ascorbia river. The way of life in Pangaea is simple and easy-she just has to catch enough fish until her twentieth birthday, when she will ascend to be the next chieftess and take care of anything her people need. Problems arise faster than expected when a p...

  • All Is Silence - Deserted Lands #1
    1.5M 83.9K 107

    ALL IS SILENCE finished #37 of 151 for Wattpad's Story of the Year! Also a WATTYS 2015 - Dream Collections Winner! Thanks to everyone who added me to their collections! You made my year! The sequel, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, is available in print and e-book on all major ebook sites. If you are interested in hearing abou...

  • The Things We Bury [Book One - Completed]
    145K 11.1K 77

    In the spring of 2012, the US government captured a creature that wasn't supposed to exist. Faced with a being of myth and nightmares, they built a secret facility half a mile beneath the earth to lock it away. But the scientists and caregivers charged with observing this monster have been selected because of the con...

  • Eden Can Wait
    22.3K 550 14

    When a young Boston reporter Ryan West finds himself unemployed and his reputation damaged as a result of an unsanctioned journalistic investigation, he starts looking for alternative ways to pay his bills. Soon his search takes him into a strange world of a mysterious scientific experiment conducted by a secretive or...

  • Smile for the Coup D'état
    14.2K 814 62

    Broke, drunk, and caught up in the mayhem of a military coup d'état in Thailand, Peter Harden and his dangerously charismatic friend, Joseph Tanner, double down on their pursuit of destructive obsessions. But the crimes that they have committed together are becoming increasingly hard to hide under the tumultuous new...

  • The Fall of Man
    121K 2.2K 58

    So much for an easy way to go. After thirty nine long years, each squandered day chained inexorably and uneventfully to the next, this is how it ends. How appropriate. Blinking back tears, Joanna shakes out another handful of pills into the palm of her hand... Environmental catastrophe, dismissed by many as myth or pr...

  • The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones
    496K 23.2K 26

    1955. Unsuspecting boy. Big-hearted girl. Small-minded town. Invincible summer.

  • Naked Minds
    2.5K 121 14

    North America is reeling from the effects of psychedelic gas attacks perpetrated by a mysterious terrorist group. Appearing through the hallucinatory fog is Johnny, a Red Cross volunteer from Europe. He desperately tries to make sense of the drugged, chaotic world he discovers upon his arrival in Toronto. A small Mes...

  • Millennial's Monologue: Secret Dramas in Our Hearts & Souls
    24.3K 2K 38

    REAL LIFE STORY: I was a stereotypical high achiever in an Ivy League school who got suspended for plagiarism; April was a sweet girl who worked in a high-end prostitution ring. We were both in our early twenties when we became friends. A perfect timing, because my heart was full and swollen, so was hers. With the...