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  • Paper Stars ✓
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    "i was thinkin' about yesterday, when you asked me why i stayed, with this, and i didn't answer you. i didn't answer you, because i don't know why i stay. nova?" "yea?" "would you like to run away with me?" {cover: @guyswithguitars } highest ranking: #21 in Poetry || completed || "shoot for the moon. even...

  • i miss him.| ✔
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    do you ever wonder what goes through a woman mind after heartbreak? the hurt text messages, the cancelled plans, the hurt heart, the thoughts of never being good enough... what does she want to say to her tormentor?

  • Fragile Hearts
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    "I hate that you used me" Two people, so inlove. Were they really? [COMPLETED]

  • Medium Fries
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    "May I take your order?" "Medium fries," the girl said.