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  • The Art of Stealing a Soul || ONC 2020
    51 14 1

    The job's simple: kill a rich man and rob a killer, without taking a coin or spilling a drop of blood. Qala's what you call a witch on principle and a thief by convenience. As the head of a crew boasting a rune-picking spellwright, a retired gang alchemist, and a pair of siblings who could blow up a small hamlet if t...

  • Lustral || ONC 2020 ||
    411 105 3

    Two souls on the run from their past, manage to bump into each other on a distant planet at just the right time. Lustral: rite of purification. ONC 3 Prompts #57, #68, #60. 2K words ✅ chapter 2. 📖 👽

  • The Darkest Arts
    38 7 2

    Infiltrate the Scion. Become one of them. Destroy them. Laurent Gatewood is on a mission and time is of the essence. In the modern era of smartphones and politics, there is an elusive cabal of vampires seated within the upper echelons of society with a plot to use the rise of the old magic to usher in a new world orde...

  • Match Made | ONC 2020
    91 20 4

    Chris and Aubrey always knew this day would come, but they didn't think it would come so fast. When their parents sign a marriage contract on their behalf, they are thrown into a situation neither of them wants. The two unlikely allies must work together to keep up appearances as they try to find a way out of their ma...

  • Taking Names [ONC 2020]
    145 19 4

    With the death of her mother, Sif is certain that she's lost the last of her family. Instead, Sif learns she has a grandfather and an entire extended family that her mother never told her about. There were plenty of secrets in Sif's life before, but now, she has to decide how closely she wants to look at her new, welc...

  • Potionmaster | Open Novella Contest
    401 65 3

    When a terrible plague strikes the city of Alkaya, Royal Chef Neveshir must attempt forbidden blood-magic in order to save his home, his people, and the King he isn't meant to love. ... Royal Chef Neveshir Sevelin is a Karán: a man born with dangerous magic running through his veins. Like all Maker-touched, he can use...

  • Not Programmed for This (ONC 2020)
    357 42 6

    '"The next words out of your mouth better be, 'I'm sorry,' and 'here's the antidote.'" Alberta Mattson has always been open about her sexuality. She brought a girl to the spring formal as a freshman and has a bisexual flag tattooed on her ankle. When her friend's brother joins the robotics team, Alberta takes him unde...

  • The Dreamers of Draíocht: The Mudford Mob | ONC 2020
    194 40 3

    Artur is given to the Deep One on the eve of Imbolc, buried beneath the frozen earth in a ship-shaped casket and bound in thread. For Hild, the undertaker's daughter, it could be just any other day. But it is not. Artur was a dear friend, and his brother, Godric, seems to believe that there was something more suspicio...

  • The Prince's Beast (Book 0.6, A Secrets of Tarot Novella) - ONC 2020
    184 36 4

    Forced to marry an angel from Aeyaviel in the hopes of uniting their countries, warmongering Prince Liu Wen receives word that Mutsushina is tormented by a fox demon. However, he discovers that everything is not as it seems as he finds out that the Beast in the labyrinth is cursed by the Seven Virtues and only a pure...

  • The Crush Formula | ONC 2020
    368 83 5

    𝕊𝕐ℕ𝕆ℙ𝕊𝕀𝕊 All A+s in classes? Check. Top student? Check. Aces training at Study Camp? Triple Check. After years of hard work, Michiko Watanabe finally got what she had long for: being a part of the coveted American Chemistry Olympiad Team that will be competing in Monaco that year. For now, Michiko is setting her...

  • Not My Type
    319 57 2

    Koa isn't your garden-variety vampire. Koa has standards. But when Koa's pride is brought into question -- over a stupid drinking game -- they set aside their standards for a moment to prove a point. One thing leads to another and Koa finds themself going on a journey that could lead them to their death if they don't...

  • Dreamcatcher (ONC 2020)
    251 59 5

    "We're at six thousand feet, Cap'n. There shouldn't be land at six thousand feet." ❖ Rav is apprenticed by his father's wishes on an airship as unsettling as the deliveries it makes. The Dreamcatcher's owner is the only captain on the co...

  • Vampirism | ONC
    985 124 3

    Wern Muller is always hungry. Unfortunately, eating for Wern is not as easy as grabbing takeout. Wern can only feed on the traumatic memories of people and animals. It's an exhausting and thought eroding experience, but Wern has to eat, or very bad things happen. To make it easier, Wern works in places where he is in...