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  • Love Contention {dob} (DISCONTINUED)
    26 2 1

    When Emma moves to a new town she finds a person she can't resist. Dylan O Brien... the bad boy of Riverbank High. But she can't actually have him, what happens whenn she mcfalls for him and can't get up? read Love Contention!

  • Assassinated [h.s.] (DISCONTINUED)
    65 3 5

    harreh and megan have dated since highschool and their life gets flipped upside down when their friends get assassinated. UNEDITED

  • no way out {n.h./l.t.} (DISCONTINUED)
    284 15 17

    Ava and her friend Beth win a prize that any girl would die for- a chance to go on tour with the famous boyband one direction! except they hate them. what will happen when the boys fall in love with them?