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  • Mortality to magic (Book One) ✔
    3.3K 927 32

    THIS IS BOOK ONE PLEASE READ BOOK TWO AFTER YOU'VE FINISHED THIS BOOK Synopsis, About a girl called Colette who thought she was a normal mortal and falls in love with a demon. Sadly things went wrong in their relationship and she travels to the past to see if she could change things or could have been different. Base...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mortality to Magic (The Prequel) Book Two ✔
    3.1K 862 66

    This is Book Two Mortality to Magic Synopsis, Colette is a Mortal but no ordinary mortal if that. In search of a better life she finds herself a stowaway aboard a boat and she finds her self in the city of san francisco. She slowly realizes that there is more to life than she first thought. Surrounded by Magic,love a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living with a Disability ✔
    2.9K 199 6

    Everyone is different right?.. I'm pretty different.. But at the end of the day this is my life.. This is a true story.. Welcome to my life.. Cover made by @Winkyxx

  • The Rants of a Deaf Person and how to approach them ✔
    1.8K 94 9

    In this book you will find out what it is like for a deaf person and how you can help to improve a deaf person's life and most importantly you will learn what to do if you ever approach a deaf person. Here I will show you the frustrations of a deaf person and help you learn little things like sign language along the...

  • The War of The Angels and Demons ✔
    2.3K 577 23

    An angel, and a demon fall in love which like many good stories is a forbidden love. Lizzie and Izrak have to work together in order to convince the angels, and the demons to coexist in peace. When their love if found out things don't go over so well, and neither God nor the devil is too thrilled about their secret re...

    Completed   Mature
  • 7 Cups Of Tea ✔
    599 39 4

    About the site 7 Cups of tea and how it can really help you. Also from my view as a member and my transition as a Listener

  • A second chance at love ✔
    1.3K 257 13

    A lad named Alex and a girl named Olivia both of them are in school together and start dating until suddenly he has an illness that makes him have a epileptic fit and he sadly forgets their relationship. A girl named Valerie tries to make a move a move on Alex, Will Olivia get her man back or is it the end of the roa...

  • Falling for betrayal ✔
    1K 261 12

    Meet Roxy an ordinary girl who achieves her dreams of walking with A list celebrities. Her life is in the fast line and everyone wants to interview her which she respectively declines but when she meets Lucas A photographer Journalist She feels an instant attraction to him. But soon their relationship is at breaking p...

  • Whatever happened to the Harry Potter kids? ✔
    39.4K 425 64

    Here is what happened after their roles in Harry potter. The cover is made by me. all info is from this site

  • Murder with Love ✔
    1.8K 526 16

    My Name is Lauren Oscar's here is my story of how my boyfriend Nathan was murdered and I was sent to prison for his death which by the way I did not commit. Now I am at breaking point My sister Tilly has been murdered and I'm at my wits end who I can trust. The police are suspecting everyone in my family but I strongl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Emails to my Deadbeat dad ✔
    2K 229 12

    This is my emails to my dad. Based on a true sstory

  • Hidden ✔
    702 232 11

    A Mother with Secrets A daughter on the hunt for the truth with a toddler in tow. A mysterious man turns up in town. Who is he and what does he want from this woman and her daughter? Could it be to do with the mother's job with the FBI? Find out in hidden.

    Completed   Mature
  • I love to write music ✔
    527 194 22

    This is my collection of songs I've actually wrote. A lot of it is inspired by charmed but others are by breakups I've had. (Yeah Taylor swift does it too I know

  • Music that Inspires me
    485 110 22

    Music that inspire's me and makes me happy

  • Do You believe in Santa? ✔
    567 120 8

    Alexis Carter and Her brother are from an seemingly normal family but even though its Halloween thoughts quickly turn to Christmas and when One of the children admits they do not believe in Santa, scary things start to happen. A chilling thriller, will there be a happy ending? All that is left to ask, Do you believe i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Songs That describe me perfectly
    217 73 18

    songs that I feel is me.. this is my personality honey!!

  • The gay ghost and his revenge ✔
    345 33 1

    About a brother and sister who inherit a house and meets a ghost who pretends he likes the brother to wind him up when really he likes the sister and wants the sister to stay with him. Originally a play but rewritten with the help of @Madcatroses

  • Being deaf (A true story) ✔
    3.3K 549 9

    About life as a deaf adult, rejections and an ideal world. #nomorebullying

  • I love to write music (2)
    216 55 6

    Another book of my songs I've been writing. They say writing is good for the soul

  • The hazard of being me ✔
    377 81 5

    This book is continuing on from my Book Being Deaf Exploring Facebook and the outside world. I don't really want to change who I am but that's just it.. You have to walk on eggshells everywhere you go. Also I'll be exploring myself and telling you about very valuable life lessons when it comes to facebook and Life its...

  • Collisions ✔
    921 203 14

    Lila's boyfriend is called Drake. He seems like a normal down to earth guy except for the fact that Drake hates his girlfriend. He couldn't forgive her for an unspeakable betrayal. Things are already strained with Jackson who is Drakes friend who convinces him to murder his girlfriend but it all goes wrong. His girl...

  • How to not be a Jerk ✔
    193 57 5

    Meet Melinda.. a young girl who meets a guy named Alex Crawford online. All was going well with her relationship with him until she started having problems at home and he felt as if she was neglecting him. Angry at the very idea.. She decided to take him straight back to school and show him how not be a jerk.. with a...

  • Criminal Hearts,Criminal Minds ✔
    742 234 13

    Meet Vincent a guy who's never really stuck at anything or followed through with anything in his life. He's never had a job unless of course It's a job that involves doing something that is against the law. Vincent knows he's a criminal but when he meets Scarlett he's drawn to her somehow and it distracts him from the...