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  • Jealousy (g.d)
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    She will never be mine. _______ 2016 ©majestic

    Completed   Mature
  • main hoe - gd
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    main hoe © 2016 "zoe, he broke my heart!" "and i'll break his." - in which a girl is sick and tired of seeing other girl's heart broken by the same guy. she's on a mission to not only stop him from screwing other girls, but to become his main hoe. RANKED #3 IN GRAYSON DOLAN FANFICTION

  • freak
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  • Fighter • Grayson Dolan
    301K 6.5K 35

    "Babygirl, I'm a fighter. I'll hurt you." "I don't care. I want you. I need you. I crave for you..."

  • The Bet (Grayson Dolan)
    308K 7.3K 38

    "I wanna make a bet with you" I looked up at him with curiosity but I didn't want him to think I was interested in what he had to say. "Over my dead body" "Oh come on kitten, I know you'll like it" I crossed my arms. "Fine, I'm not saying yes. But what is it?" He smiled that devil smile. I didn't like what was about t...

  • The babysitter e.d
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    "Look I'm sorry I made my sister scream but she was being a jerk." He smirked and bit his lip. "I'm gonna be making you scream louder than your sister did tonight babygirl."

    Completed   Mature
  • dolan twin dirty imagines
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    dirty imagines about our favorite twins ;))

  • The Neighbors | E.D + G.D
    157K 4.3K 79

    "It's either me or him, Ariana!"

  • the boy next door
    6.4K 252 37

    {{COMPLETED}} Abigail Watts (Abby) is 15 and just moved from Illinois all the way to California. Her dream is to be on this show called Henry Danger. Turns out she gets the part of Beonca, who plays Henry's girlfriend. When Abby meets Jace, she starts to like him more and more. Does Jace like her back? Will they da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jace Norman Imagines //
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    Jace Norman Imagines

  • Jace Norman | Imagines ♛
    6.3K 91 1

    I've got some little imagines stories for the Jaces' girl. There kinda dirty, funny and adventures. So have fun thank you xx

  • Texting [JACE NORMAN]
    2.2K 127 8

    in which a girl named cher estelle accidentally texts nickelodeon hottie, jace norman. *idea creds to jaceflavored!*

  • The Choice // S.R.F & J.N Fanfiction
    960 54 4

    Bethany. Her live revolves around acting, but not literally. She never makes auditions, but has auditioned for many. But then she does. This kid show. Henry Danger. She gets distracted by these two guys. Cute guys. And they BOTH like her. Will she be able to control her career with her feelings? Or who will she choos...

    6.8K 214 10

    In which he's always there for her, but she never realizes.. - Sweetie🤍

  • Texting Jace Norman
    91.7K 2.3K 41

    Let's see what happens when Ali texts the one and only Jace Norman.

  • Just A Waitress 2: Our Future?
    3.9K 136 11

    WARNING: PLEASE READ MY FIRST BOOK JUST A WAITRESS BEFORE THIS ONE OTHERWISE YOU MAY NOT UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS BOOK. Jace Norman and Christine Valentine survived. Who would have thought that the waitress would have gone on this crazy adventure, and would have fallen in love with the Hollywood big shot? Ever since re...

  • You Promised
    2.2K 106 6

    Jace and Kaitlyn have been best friends ever since they were five years old. Jace lands a lead role in Nickledeon's original series, Henry Danger, causing him to move to California. He leaves Kaitlyn in New Mexico. Will they ever see eachother again? Will Jace remember her? Find out in You Promised!

  • (Jace Norman Fanfic) From P.A To C.A
    17K 564 39

    This girl named, Rosetta has her life set out for her in Pa. But when her mom gets a new job, they have to move to C.A. Now, of course Rosetta is pretty angry. She has friends here. A boyfriend here. A life here. In California, she has nothing. But, she will meet a guy that will change her life forever. (Remember to c...

  • Chenry love story (Book 1)
    45.5K 1.2K 32

    Hey it's me and I am doing another fan fiction about Chenry and this one is going to be different. It's going to be about when Henry get a girlfriend and then all of a sudden Charlotte get jealous and figure why and then later on she figured out that she likes Henry and doesn't know what to do and what happen if Charl...

  • Henry Danger/ Jace Norman Imagines
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    Title says it all

  • Just A Girl ( A Jace Norman Fanfic)
    486 24 2

    Krista is just an ordinary girl who loves art and books, but her world changes when she moves to California and meets Jace, soon her world goes upside down from afew twists and turns, sooner or later she'll wish that she never met him at all And when she finds out about the truth of her dead father, could her father s...

  • FROSTBITE {a jace norman fanfic}
    171 9 4

    Eleanore bloom is an ordinary girl that lives in swellview she never knew this until she is 14 years old she has magical things going on her life and that is she has powers

  • Jace Norman Imagines REQUESTS OPEN
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    Credit by jluvz_jace..... Just comment If you want your own Imagine

  • Roadtrip [JACE NORMAN]
    4.8K 208 13

    "he's more myself than i am. whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

  • Why You Should Love Jace Norman
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    "JACE NORMAN IS THE BEST!" I will give you reasons why. First of all he is cute. Second his personality is amazing. Third of all he's a AWESOME actor. Fourth of all he is funny. Fifth of all he is the most nicest,cutest,funniest amazing guy on earth! For all you Jace Norman lovers you are the best!! I love you all! "...

  • Beneath The Lights // JN Fanfic
    87.8K 2.7K 31

    Samantha Johnson is just starting 10th grade. She's the kind of girl who can't get enough of school. Meaning she's got perfect attendance, perfect grades and a perfect mentality. But on her first day of 10th grade she passes a test that changes her life. Causing her to cross paths with the one and only, Jace Norman. ...

  • life of jace norman
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    jace norman is one of my favorite actors he works on henry danger and this story is full of facts

  • Jace Norman fanfic
    4.6K 142 12

    Okay, so this is the first fanfic I'm actually writing on Wattpad. Here's a quick description of the main character, Cassidy. Cassidy: she's an eighth grader with longish wavy light brown hair, but she almost always straightens it. She has green eyes and is pretty short for her age; about 5 feet. She is an athlete an...

  • Knee Socks [JACE NORMAN]
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    shit happens and we dont all get a happy ending *UNDER RECONSTRUCTION*

    Completed   Mature