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  • coffee
    93.5K 4.8K 23

    Summary: Ryan is a misanthropic Starbucks barista who is a tired insomniac and just wants to be left alone. Then Brendon moves in. myheartradio on livejournal

  • everything not forbidden is compulsory
    3K 123 4

    Summary: Ryan is seven when he meets Brendon. fizzickz on livejournal

  • With Love, Ryan ✒ Ryden
    120K 6.8K 31

    The cold kind of bothered Ryan, but it certainly didn't bother the teenager who decided to wear shorts, of all things, in December of all months. Writer's block bothered Ryan, but the teenager surrounded himself with people; one more wouldn't hurt. Everything bothered Ryan but nothing bothered Brendon, and maybe that'...

  • Campus (Ryden AU)
    106K 7K 36

    "Then I see you. You're walking cross the campus. Cruel professors, Studying romances. How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again? How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again?" (Campus - Vampire Weekend)

  • Camp. ⛺ Ryden
    199K 9.9K 31

    Ah, Pine Grove. The camp is filled with memories for Brendon. He's been going there for ten years, you see. He even discovered his very, very prominent sexuality there. --- Ryan's not a very fortunate boy. He's never had much, so he's learned to love the little he's got. Like nature. And sometimes he likes looking at...

    Completed   Mature
  • DAMN YOUR KISS; ryden
    272K 13.5K 27

    Four years, many exes, a couple of albums, a band split and a band hiatus... a lot has happened since Ryan Ross walked away from Panic! At The Disco. Trying to get lost and forget his feelings for Brendon Urie isn't a walk in the park. So when he comes back to right some wrongs and hope to mend the bridges he burned...

  • A New Psychosis// Book Two
    271K 15.2K 63

    "Why don't you ever leave me?" "Because you keep begging me to stay"

    Completed   Mature
  • A Forged Psychosis// Brendon Urie
    550K 26.3K 72

    It's a whole lot easier for a psychopath to fall in love with someone than for someone to fall in love with a psychopath.

    Completed   Mature
  • Spinning Stars on Her Fingernails (Panic! At The Disco)
    10.4K 643 25

    "Welcome to Woodbury High. The boarding school that lets your child express their talents in our professionally taught courses." Oh, but there's more. You can meet people like Brendon and Ryan, who are almost polar opposites, yet manage to change your life in the same way. But Riley learns that on her own. (Cover by @...

  • Suicide : Ryan Ross
    19.3K 782 13

    In third person, it revolves around two teenagers. Ryan and Grace. Ryan who is a barley known boy and Grace who is a girl struggling with depression. The two meet randomly in the halls and soon become mutual lovers. Ryan Ross takes his place as #1 in this rollercoaster of a story. A young, but older looking, Sabrina...

  • Something Great (Brendon Urie Fan Fiction)
    208K 5.3K 38

    Skye Woodrow just turned 18 years old. She is a senior in high school who is only a couple of months away from the big date. Skye's set on living her dream after graduation, but the only person holding her back is her own boyfriend, Harry Mackenzie. She is so used to her unhealthy relationship with Harry, she refuses...

  • Holy Wars// Brendon Urie
    118K 5.4K 20

    EXTREMELY MATURE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK//// So Satan decided he would wait for this girl, and when he found her he would take her innocence, granting him power over God, and the righteous end of these brutal Holy Wars.

  • Pretty In Ink - Brendon Urie
    163K 5.2K 36

    24 year old college senior Alaina goes to a Fall Out Boy concert with her little sister on their Save Rock and Roll tour. Her night takes a twist when she goes to the bathroom and runs into 26 year old Brendon Urie, which she didn't know was the lead singer of Panic! at the time. When she goes backstage and meets Bren...

  • turn off the lights || brendon urie au
    1.4K 101 8

    Brendon isn't's just that he hears a voice that isn't actually there...that's all, right? Hints of Ryden and Brallon