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  • love at first sight.
    80.6K 2.4K 51

    (fillie) A girl moves to a new country and finds a boy getting thrown out of a cafe. Hmmm what would happen next? idk...

  • The Boy Across The Room ⇒ Fillie ✔️
    66.3K 2.2K 27

    DISCLAIMER: This book was written YEARS AGO. I am not proud of the way this book went and how the plot moved so please be aware that this book is NOT GOOD. I cannot stop anyone from continuing to read this but you all have been warned. Finn Wolfhard has moved in with his mom's bestfriend and her family because of var...

  • The Bad Boy Saved Me | Lucaya [ On Hold ]
    34.2K 962 17

    Maya Hart gets bullied and abused and to make things worse the new bad boy, Lucas Friar, won't leave her alone. He doesn't care for relationships. But when he see Maya hurt, things change for him. What will happen? Find out in 'The Bad Boy Saved Me' Note - isadora and zay will not be in this story - there will be othe...

  • Falling Into Place
    94.7K 3.4K 29

    Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place. (Sequel to Too Far)

    192K 9.4K 92

    in which maya accidentally texts a 'humble' texan instead of her best friend lucaya texting au cover creds: @PlutoTown

  • Girl Meets Parenting// Lucaya
    60.2K 1.5K 27

    Maya and Lucas get paired up for a assignment... They will have to act like they are married and have kids Maya and Lucas don't get along, but what will happen when they get to know each other more?

  • Damaged [Book 1]
    443K 17.2K 53

    the past is the past; until it comes back to haunt you. - best gmw book winner! lucaya au. {completed story!}

  • the blonde new girl | lucaya
    94.7K 2.6K 21

    this is a story in which the crazy matthew's family meets maya hart. the matthew's include ava, the yougest, lucas friar the most popular jock in school aka riley's older brother. riley = cheer captain most popular girl in school.. well until a certain hart is introduced. anyway, in most stories the cheer captin and t...

  • say it again ➳ lucaya (completed)
    101K 3.3K 20

    "who are you bringing to the wedding?" "my boyfriend." "i didn't think you had one..? what's his name?" lucaya au | girl meets world

  • Suicide (Girl Meets World)
    74.6K 1.4K 16

    Riley Mathews takes Lucus Fryer's side on an argument instead of her best friend's Maya Hart, while Farkle Minkus and Isaiah Babineaux (Zay) stand by and watch Maya doesn't know who to turn too. Soon all of this leads to another conflict... Where is Maya? Is she okay? Did she get kidnapped? What happens to there life...

  • Collided (Lucaya)
    12.6K 379 68

    (OLD VERSION) {Highest Ranking #2 in Laya 6/15/18} [I STARTED TO WRITE THIS BOOK AT 12 SO PLEASE DONT JUDGE! AND NO MEAN COMMENTS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK⚠] NO BOOK OF THE GMW SERIES IS RELATED UNLESS SAID OTHER WISE ●●●●●●●●●●●●●● Maya and Lucas are polor oppisites. They have been through so much. To up's and down's. F...

    Completed   Mature
  • what we did last summer | lucaya
    83K 3.8K 43

    in which maya hart + lucas friar + summer break = baby friar. lucaya teenage pregnancy. UNDER EDITING winner of "best summer bling book" in the fall 2016 GMW awards. *beware short and cheesy chapters*

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Fine (Lucaya)
    151K 4.3K 38

    Did Lucas make the right choice in Ski Lodge? Will he regret his decision? Will Maya's and Riley's friendship remain as strong as it always has?

  • LowKey ➳ lucaya
    64.2K 1.9K 37

    LowKey been feeling you.... but I'm not the kind of person to take away another girl's man >> lucaya #45 under "rucas" #56 under "Lucaya"

  • Girl Meets the Future <lucaya>
    158K 3.9K 57

    Maya Hart has been through nothing but sorrow and misery in her life. Everything horrible happens to her meanwhile all the best happens to her best friend, Riley Mathews. Maya meets a guy named Lucas Friar and she instantly notices that he's not like all the guys that she's dated. He's something more. l u c a y a r i...

  • The Bad Girl
    74.5K 2.7K 53

    Lucas Friar is your ordinary Cowboy. His life is going great until,well..he gets kicked out of his highschool. His parents make a hard decision and finally decide to move to New York for a fresh start. Lucas gets to meet his online best Friend,Riley Matthews,Who obviously has a huge crush on him. But he doesn't return...

  • The Player (Lucaya fanfic)
    330K 10K 61

    I gotta say our "I love you" is just a silly game. [completed]

  • Bitten (Camren)
    141K 3.7K 17

    Lauren Jauregui is having a particularly horrible day, so she decides to go to the woods to get her mind off of the events of the day. What will happen when something goes horribly wrong? •SUPERNATURAL•

  • Beastly ✗ lucaya
    48.1K 2.6K 21

    "time is endless, and so is he." - lucaya au edge of my seat award winner -copyright @lucayaroses

  • The Love Story of Lucaya
    189K 4.9K 58

    Maya has been hiding her feelings for Lucas too long, but she doesn't want to open her heart out to anyone else, she still hurts from her father leaving her. Lucas likes Maya but still likes Riley. He's so confused by his feelings, he doesn't know what to do. Riley doesn't know why Maya and Lucas have been acting we...

  • unpredictable | lucaya
    98.5K 2.4K 43

    maya, lucas, one crush, then another, broken hearts, jealousy, rebellion, happiness, love. all in unpredictable. {lucaya}

  • camren smut and things
    259K 1.9K 13

    welcome to my two a.m, restless writing. hope you are pleased in one way or another with this book. enjoy loves.

  • Polyamory (Camren/You Smut)
    1.3M 17.7K 33

    Cover by SLOTHTATO After the threesome you had with Lauren and Camila, they were certain that they wanted more. They want you to join their relationship so all 3 of you could have the best sexual life.

  • Camren Smut
    1.4M 6.3K 27

    These stories are not mine.

  • Sad Short Stories That WILL! Make You Cry
    337K 7.4K 18

    These are all original sad stories I wrote. I really hope you are prepared to be brought to tears. There is one song that you might want to listen to while reading these. Wait- M83 Really sad. (Especially if you watched TFIOS) And please leave feedback, notes, criticism, whatever you want in the comments. I always lik...

    8.8K 329 5

    Maya has always been a slave to her step mother ever since her father died. it had been a big impact on her and having to serve her mom isn't really helping. Maya's mother, her step brother, her step sister has been talking about a ball coming out and Maya definitely wants to tag along...

  • the boy next door → lucaya
    3.8K 183 4

    ❝ im so happy you moved here.❞

  • Bitter and the Sweetness
    19.3K 856 8

    "Maya! Where are you going?!" Riley yells, following the blonde girl. Maya stops and turns around to face Riley. The blonde's face has tears trailing down her cheeks, and her lip is quivering. Riley steps forward, but Maya takes a step back, her combat boots making a loud smacking sound on the concrete. "You want to...