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  • My Major | Jasper Whitlock
    201K 5.2K 33

    Jasper finds his true mate... Emily's little sister. When Nala moves to the res in order to start a new life with her daughter, she meets a stranger with golden hair and honey eyes. There's something about him that she can't stay away from, literally ending up thrown into his life permanently. This could be messy...

  • Forgotten
    6.2K 250 20

    Avery's parents are keeping secrets from her. After an awful car accident steals three years from her memories, she tries to get them back after overhearing strange conversations in the kitchen. Who has Avery forgotten? Will she ever remember? Kavery from Dog With A Blog. Don't like, don't read. Constructive criticis...

  • The Vampire Family
    15.3K 272 6

    Imagine moving all across the country to live with your newly found "parents" and siblings. Not to mention you find out there friends with a 300 year old family of vampires who their helping break a curse. I'd also like to mention one of those vampires is extremely hot and I may or may not have feelings for him... Nev...

  • 🍒F O R M A N S B A S E M E N T🍒
    26.9K 471 15

    that 70s show prefrences

  • Luna - S. Hyde
    16.1K 260 15

    This is a story in which a new character is brought into the group ( Luna) There's gonna be some love conflict between her and Hyde and it's going to overall be a new twist to the show. I hope you guys like it 💕

  • Jasper Hale Parts 1 - 3 (Wishful Thinking, Hopeless; Safe and Sound)
    63.9K 1.9K 20

    1 of 3 parts!!! |Part 1: Wishful Thinking | A troubled Oklahoma girl pretends to be a boy to go to war with her brother for the Confederates. There she meets Major Jasper Whitlock. She is dying to tell him her secret, but something happens before she can reveal anything to him. She is whisked off by Eleazar and Carmen...

  • Tribal Goddess {Editing}
    26.9K 568 11

    When Kaya Uley was eighteen, she was always viewed as the most beautiful in La Push (It was also declared such as in her yearbook). Everyone assumed that since she was beautiful that she was instantly going to become a supermodel, but Kaya had other things in mind. She wanted to become the Alpha of the Quileute wolf...

  • Sam Uley one shots.
    4.3K 29 1

    Here are all the one shots about Sam Uley. Enjoy.

  • Caius
    2.9K 43 2

  • Hidden But For No More {Aro's daughter an Alec Love Story}
    35.7K 779 5

    Aro has a daughter Amelia Rose Volturi. She is half vampire & half goddess. Her mother is Aphrodite the Goddess of Love. She was born in 500 B.C and was raised by Supicia, Aro wife and Athenodora, Caius wife. Amelia has been stuck in a tower for centuries and is feed up she wants to explore and have fun. So she finds...

  • an extension to Twilight
    21.5K 315 27

    follow Angelina on her journey through love, death & beyond.....

  • The power of love
    279K 6.5K 29

  • Carlisle
    8.4K 154 1

  • The Volturi wedding! (UNFINISHED)
    6.8K 69 5

    NOTE FROM AUTHOR! I wrote this story when I was 15 years old and LOVED Twilight beyond anything else. I'm now ALMOST 24 and have moved on to loving other things. Thus, this story will not be finished! Also, with almost 10 years to reflect I can now say that my writing has improved MASSIVELY! And please, if you read...

  • Whispers in the Dark | Criminal Minds |
    404K 7.7K 11

    Danielle Gray is dating Spencer Reid. The BAU team doesn't know, cause they'd tease Reid, since he'd never been able to even talk to a girl, let alone date one. So, the relationship is a secret to the team, and Danielle's okay with that. When the team has a case on an unsub that kiddnapps women and kills the husband/b...