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  • Wayward Home
    4K 204 3

    At 21 life is supposed to be a party, right? Wrong, for Kenna McDowell it means learning to live on her own after depending on her parents for years after an accident left her with no memories of her life before she was seventeen years old. She thought it'd been difficult learning how to read and write again, but that...

  • The Devil's Mate
    276K 10.1K 26

    Perci isn't extraordinary. She isn't even slightly special. There's nothing about her that would draw the eye of any handsome bachelor or hunk and she likes it that way. Living in a world where demons roam the Earth and divine intervention is a myth, Perci finds herself battling raging desires and soul crushing decisi...

  • Hannah & The Highlander [Book 1 in the time travel series]
    632K 20.7K 28

    The last thing Hannah Roberts had planned for the summer was going to boring old Scotland for four weeks. Nothing but hills, and sky, and sheep. A lot of sheep. But after an accident Hannah finds herself in medieval Scotland during a time of feuding and war. She finds herself under the care of a brash young Highland L...

  • Horrifying New Start (Book I)
    602K 10.4K 19

    (Part of the New Beginning series.. Book 1) A girl named Samantha was taken, along with many other girls. to a planet with aliens called Twiads. they are handsome but seem almost emotionless; and they are in desperate need of females to make their species last. But when she begins to fall for her protector, Zack, they...

  • From the Future? Elvis Presley love story
    152K 2.9K 66

    A 20 year old randomly travels back in time and finds herself being one of the most interesting people the media can't get enough of, including Elvis Presley. She catches Elvis' eye for the fact she's from the future and can be used to tell him what his future will be like but he suddenly falls head over heels for her...