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  • Chasing Wonderland (One Shot)
    41 4 1

    SECOND PLACER: IMAGERY CONTESTS' THIRD CHALLENGE This is a Heroes of Olympus fanfiction with a twist of Alice in wonderland ONE SHOT entry for the Imagery Contests. In @Maxwell_S 's Imagery Contest, a photo is given in the media box and you have to write something about it. Exciting challenge, I know! The picture tha...

  • A Sad Boy Named Hatter
    17.4K 723 51

    15-year-old Tarrant Hightopp, AKA "Hatter," a depressed redheaded young boy's story. He has many troubles, like keeping a girlfriend, his best friend Alice, his abusive father. A fanfiction about the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

  • The Hatter
    2.2K 84 34

    Once upon a time there was a hatter. A mad hatter. After some time in wonderland, when all his friends had moved on from him, nobody know his name, so everyone knew him as Hatter, including him. Find out about the mad hatters school life, his love for a Princess and watch as he goes completely mad.

  • Hatter Family Art Book!
    5.2K 2.3K 200

    This is going to be a art book where me (Mad Hatter), my little sister (Joker) and my Family are going to draw whatever we feel like drawing and showing you guys! Now my little sister is only 9 so no hate for her but other then that I hope you like our drawings because we work very hard on them so Peace!!!! P.S. I. D...

  • Mad as a Hatter
    4.5K 175 7

  • Why? (Jack Sparrow x Reader)
    424K 13.5K 27

    [Currently editing it if you spot a typo please comment. I'm also making the reader gender nutural.] The Curse Of The Black Pearl You smiled sweetly "I love you too". "Baba why did you marry father?" The little boy asked with one hand on his father's face. "Love is love. My love just happened to be a pirate"

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: How Many Miles to Babylon?
    24.4K 821 13

    A 2015 WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. For ten years after stealing the cursed gold, Barbossa searched for the medallions and the blood that would free him, and dreamed of a girl he had almost killed. Could death and defeat become victory? Could love ever grow in such a cold heart? Rated PG-13 for violence. Fabulous cover ima...

  • Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold
    102K 3.5K 13

    Whether it's a dream or an alternate dimension-only one thing is for certain: she must see Captain Jack Sparrow.

  • Dealing with Pirates
    48.5K 1.7K 9

    "It's a bad idea dealing with Pirates....but dealing your life?" he asked raising an eyebrow at me. I bit my lip not replying He shrugged sitting down "Why cross something like that with cheaters and liars, love?" He won me over "It's not about living, it's about living free." I answered. He looked me in the eyes and...

  • POTC Book 1: A Pirates Love For Me
    23.3K 434 9

    A girl who falls for a pirate, and not just any pirate either!

  • Once Upon A Time One Shots/preferences *AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ACTIVE*
    233K 4.3K 35

    AUTHOR IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. I noticed there were very few/none of these, so I made a book of OUAT one shots. I take requests and write random little ideas that pop into my head. Requests open, please PM them to me. I will do girls, feel free to try and request anyone. Hope you like it! For preferences, I do: Killian...

  • Once Upon a Time One Shots
    17.6K 530 19

    A collection of OUAT one-shots, mainly about Captain Swan because I'm obsessed with that pairing.

    66 2 1

  • One-Shot Love Story
    529 22 4

    “Sometimes you want to say, “I love you, but…” Yet the “but” takes away the ‘I love you’. In love their are no ‘buts’ or ‘if’s’ or ‘when’. It’s just there, and always. No beginning, no end. It’s the condition-less state of the heart. Not a feeling that comes and goes at the whim of the emotions. It is there in our hea...

  • ONE SHOTS-- LOVE STORIES #YourStoryIndia
    7.5K 204 4

    SHORT LOVE STORIES.. ENJOY!!! cover by @AliyaDsena

  • One-Shots
    24.2K 241 30

    Imagination is key.

  • Fairy Tail One Shots (x Reader)
    501K 8.9K 41

    This is a collection of Fairy Tail one shots and also X-readers. I'll be taking requests so don't be afraid to ask. ^-^ All of the Lemons from this one-shot book have now been placed in their own book for those who only enjoy Lemons and to keep those innocent minded people innocent. (I do not own Fairy Tail or its cha...

  • One Shot - My Wattpad Love
    11.8K 252 1

    "Jones is happy with the Wattpad freak, now it's my turn to be happy." - Shane

  • Forever In Your Arms (My Wattpad Love One Shot Winner)
    41.9K 1.3K 1

    This is my winning entry for the My Wattpad Love one shot. I'm beyond shock and honored to have won. Thanks Arix for picking mine out of so many others that were no doubt excellent entry's!

  • Kidnapped peter pan x reader
    8.9K 214 1

    You are sixteen and peter is seventeen. He can't get any older and nor can you. I know he is suppose to be twelve but...THIS IS MY FANFICTION AND I WANT HIM SEVENTEEN I JUST WANT SOME FLUFF GOOOSH!!

  • Blind - Peter Pan x Reader
    126K 2.5K 20

    Before you read my old, unedited Description, please skip to the last chapter of the story. Please and thank you. You've read about the girl who fought the monster. You read the girl that broke through the monsters shield. The girls that got to the monster started love. All by the small action of being brought to Nev...

  • Love Over Blood. (EDITING)
    26.6K 860 14

    [OUAT x Jones!Reader x Peter Pan] "We'll try to document this light, In an effort to remember what being mended feels like" Brought here from Quotev. You are Captain Hook's sister in this story. Plagiarism is not taken lightly.

  • The Lost Girl (OUAT Peter Pan X Reader)
    439K 13K 27

    Imagine you are in an orphanage. One day, you are finally able to leave the orphanage. You throw all of your favorite things and necessary items into a bag. You bring your pets with you. You find your parents and discover they don't want you. You get really upset, and run into a forest, your pets alongside you, and yo...

  • A Time For Friendship || A Mad Hatter One Shot ||
    1K 42 2

    Hatting the kingdom of Underland sure gives me an amount of joy. Making bonnets and top hats and more hats like that. My only wish is to find someone who is half as mad as I am. Neither Cheshire nor the Tweedles nor the Hare can measure up to my level of madness. Except for Alice.

  • The Girl In Wonderland ( a Jefferson/Mad Hatter fanfic OUAT.)
    11.9K 280 6

    Julia was lost in Wonderland. She couldn't get out. And the people chasing her were dreadful. When she bumps into a man with a top hat she can't help but think "this guy is crazy' but when she falls for him he just calls him mad. _________________ I do not own Once Upon a Time. This also does not follow the story lin...