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  • #Avengers Preferences
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    Just as name says preferences about Almighty Avengers. Enjoy ^_^

  • |•| fallen |•| a Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer fanfic
    28.5K 912 56

    When Jenny and Taylor, both 17, decide to move in together they then find out a YouTube duo that they fell in love with are coming to their city. When they notice them they fall head over heels, but try not to get attached.

  • Okay ❁ a Danny Edge fanfic
    99.5K 3.4K 50

    Thank you so much for the support throughout the years, I appreciate you guys so much! "If you could teleport to anywhere in the entire world right now where would you go?" I inquire, trying to change the subject. I don't want to stop talking to her entirely, I just don't want to talk about sad things; solemn things...

  • My Heart Still isn't Broken
    16.9K 774 33

    "What I don't understand is that a person call tell you so many good things about you yet you still won't feel perfect."

  • Just One Look
    18.8K 493 33

    A Fan Fiction About Artemi Panarin Nicole just moved to Chicago with her best friend to study at Columbia University. One night Nicole and her best friend decide to go to open practice and Blackhawks home game at the United Center. When watching the players, Nicole locks eyes with Artemi Panarin, the new player from...

  • NHL Imagines
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    Feel free to request any player and scenario if you would like, and I will write an imagine!!

  • nhl imagines [✔️]
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    Completed book full of NHL imagines :)

  • NHL imagine
    18.9K 474 123

    A whole bunch of MHL player story's....Hope u like them❤️

  • NHL Imagines
    63.5K 631 24

    A book of NHL imagines. Let me know who you want me to write about with a scenario :)

  • Hockey imagines
    48.2K 556 69

    kinda self explanatory ;)

  • NHL Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN)
    20.1K 395 24

    Hey so this is a book of NHL Imagines. If you would like to request one then please put in my inbox NAME, PLAYER, and SCENARIO. Thanks, Brooke XOXO

  • NHL Imagines
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    Send me someone and a situation if you want and I'll write something for you! I might change them and I go out of order. Please request on most recent imagine so I can keep them in order.

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    19.8K 397 41

    A book full of imagines of any NHL player, Just inbox me your requests: Name: Player:

  • NHL Imagines
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    To request you can comment or message me. Please put the player, his team, and what you want, and if you wish your name also.

    68K 2K 105

    A book filled with imagines of everyones favourite NHL players. You request them and I write them. requests are always open

  • Hockey Imagines! <3
    189K 1.5K 64

    This book recognizes the fantasies of all girls interested in NHL players. I attempt to creatively evoke people's emotions influenced by NHL love interests. Simply being classified as just a ordinary crazy fan girl is nothing new but, through fantastical stories created by writers like myself, one can try to place the...

  • NHL Imagines and One Shots
    38.8K 610 26

    NHL Imagines/One Shots!!^^ Request a player who should be written about! I will write multiple times about the same players but do want as much variety as possible!

  • Flawless ➝ Criminal Minds ✓
    2.7M 63.9K 30

    Flawless ➝ Criminal Minds [Spencer Reid] ✓ 2014 Transferred from her previous position in the FBI to join the Behavioural Analysis Unit, a spark of attraction instantly flares between Agent Amelia Shields and profiler Dr. Spencer Reid. But when the mysterious 'Flawless Killer' hits Quantico, Amelia finds herself to be...

  • Hockey Imagines
    67.2K 552 28

    Feel free to leave requests in the comments or send me a message! -kylee

  • Hockey Imagines
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    Imagines for NHL/AHL/CHL players :) Highest Ranking: #153 in Fanfiction {requests CLOSED} - Copyright @brendangally. All Rights Reserved ® 2014-2017 -

  • NHL Imagines
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    Hey! Comment/inbox any player you'd like an imagine of and a basic plot (eg. make up/break up,wedding,first meeting,etc). If this goes well,i'll continue my other story.

  • NHL Imagines
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    This whole book is dedicated to hockey players of the NHL, so if you have any requests just comment them or message me privately. Thank you!

  • The boys on youtube (danny edge + paul zimmer fanfic)
    89.2K 2.4K 22

    Amanda, a not so regular 17 year old. Her father rapes her and abuses her and her sibling. Not to mention she is bullied at school to. Did I mention that she is the biggest fan of Paul Zimmer and Danny Edge. One day the boys move to Amanda's home town and her life goes from 20% happy 80% bad to 20% bad to 80% happy. C...

  • Hockey Imagines
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    Hockey Imagines! My tumblr is hockeywritings if you would like to send a request! I post the same stories on there as I do here! Thanks for reading!

  • NHL Imagines
    482K 5.1K 125

    To play the game is good, to win is better, but to love the game is best of all -Unknown Just a book full of hockey imagines written by a bored girl in New York. (Who loves hockey) Cover made by: Riseoftheguardians_

  • How To Love (Tyler Seguin)
    428K 8.4K 64

    I don't do love, I do guys. Love just doesn't make sense to me. How can you devote your whole life and who you are to one person? How can there be only one person in the world that is made for you? Love is just crazy. Love is not for me, and it never will be.

    Completed   Mature
  • You Should Come With a Warning.
    501K 13.8K 33

    #4 in Stydia. Lydia's a freshman in college and with a possessive boyfriend over three thousand miles away, she's hardly getting through the first semester. But then she meets Stiles Stilinski with his bad boy smirk and smartass attitude. She loves to hate him and he loves to rile her. An enemies to friends, frien...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving You (Tyler Seguin) {Sequel to How To Love}
    285K 7.6K 81

    I never thought that I'd ever fall in love. I've always been so afraid of being in love, and sharing every part of who I am with someone else. I didn't know how to do that. I didn't know how to love someone. But then I met him, and he showed me how. He never gave up on me until I was his. Falling in love was hard, but...

    Completed   Mature