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  • Jonas' Plague (Book One in The Plague Trilogy)
    111 9 8

    Jonas lived alone without his parents for a long time. About seven years in fact. But when a tragic plague hits the world, he has to find his family, the people who released the plague, known only as Plague 15-07. However, Jonas may be worth more dead than alive to some. EXCERPT: He now lay flat on his back, sur...

  • The custard apple.
    120 10 5

    Love what you have, before they get etched onto the canvas of the sky, their memory but a distant echo. Cover by the gorgeous @Love_Lollipop

  • The Outcasts
    234 24 11

    Addison lay frozen on the cold ground. She kept her eyes shut tightly. Different voices rang inside the spaceship. "Is she dead?" "You killed her!" "No I didn't, shut up." Slowly Addison opened her eyes to see a group of strange looking people standing around her. One was human though. He smiled at her. "Welcome...

  • Prey
    20.1K 1.6K 63

    "- I'm watching her being murdered again. Wait. Not murdered. Slaughtered. It's important that I never mix the two up." The world is changed. Humans have ruined their world. And now they're ruining themselves . . . {Featured by Wattpad Science Fiction} (Cover designed by @WeirdlySupernatural)

  • StarShift
    93 10 4

    "Separated by Dimensions and Time, racing to save Earth before it's too late." Highest Rank #675 in Science Fiction - Sept 24, 2017 Damian Freeman is a lonely workaholic, spending his days and nights tirelessly engrossed in his business and not much else. Fighting to stay sane in a world that is crumbling to pieces ar...

  • Journey to the Wall
    365 73 27

    // Book One in the Ice Wall Saga Highest Rank #301 Science Fiction - Oct 3, 2017 1st Place Winner Science Fiction - Reach For The Stars Awards 2nd Place Winner Science Fiction - The Unity Awards Amelia Cunnings is a 25-year-old introvert who spends most of her time inside her cozy apartment, working as an online trans...

  • Damned Squad
    2.1K 210 9

    Earth was threatened so they made us into Super-soldiers, they sent us into battle. But they didn't tell us we were damned from the beginning. Seven girls will never see Earth again or the loved ones they left behind. They were placed on a squad, this squad is the earth's last chance of survival. However, Earth's gove...

  • Time Eclipse
    449 188 16

    [Highest Rank #225] An outcast from birth, Rose never fit in anywhere, even over a hundred thousand years in the future. Forced to leave her old life behind and move to a new town, she discovers a far greater mystery then high school and paper airplanes. Jack Hunter a time jumper from the year 2020, and a supposed cr...

  • Venery
    1.2K 274 26

    He kneaded his lips together. "You are not a warden," He croaked. At hearing his voice, raspy from underuse, I stilled but nevertheless nodded. He visibly gulped, as if the air was choking him, "But you are not human either." ********** Alice Proctor's world is dictated by two vital aspects- survival and revenge. A li...

  • I AM A HUMAN BEING: Said Muhammad To God When He Learned God DGAF
    21K 0 5

    Greetings Your Majesty. Have I a story for you? This is the heart-warming tale of the world-renowned Muhammad Hussein. Yes. We all cherish his story of immigrating to the United States in 2028 as a refugee and going on to become the greatest mixed-martial artist ever born. But did you know there's much more to this yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Two Steps From Hell
    621 116 24

    After years of carrying the burden of his daughter's death, police detective Joel Essen finally comes face to face with her while running from the law as a framed psychopathic murderer. She shows him a future in peril and disarray. A world conquered by blood-curdling demons released by a deceived, secret cult known as...

  • Frosted
    943 115 9

    "When WINTER refuses to end." ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ I live in a world where the common citizen is supposed to have no opinion, no privileges, no rights. Most of the children are sent to schools for correcting behaviour. In the government's view, each and every little child born is a troublemaker, a delinquent, a liabili...

  • Seeing Colors | ✓ [EDITING]
    1.8K 376 54

    In a world striving for perfection, disease, feelings, and colors have been eliminated. The world has died and came back to life. So the Nation was born. 305 is about to turn sixteen, which means she will Mature. The almost Matures are forced into a simulation, and wake up with their job stamped on their arm. But aft...

  • Breaking Acadia
    290 80 23

    Jianna has lived comfortably in Jev City for three years. That all changes when a human from Earth decides to take her life into his own hands.

    Completed   Mature
  • Soul Mates
    8.7K 693 35

    © J Butterworth I pulled his body toward mine and held his face in my hands, soaking it up for one last time, I ran my finger down his strong jaw and his dimple in his chin, I smiled to myself, it was my favorite feature on his face. I would miss him, I would miss this face, his strength and his smell. I closed my ey...

  • Shaken
    2.7K 393 33

    © J Butterworth When a young expectant mother's life is suddenly shaken upside down how will she survive? When a virus spreads throughout the earth and threatens the earths population, Scarlet flees to the Scottish Highlands with her Mother, Caught up In a fight for her life Scarlet faces dangers no mother should wh...

  • Lost In Agony
    576 85 19

    "Are we damned to live the rest of our lives in agony?" In the year 2180 A.D the Souruki Empire declared war on Humanity. Rao Lupus was just a little boy when the war broke out, a little boy who saw his parents get killed in front of his eyes. That fateful day the child inside him died and a vengeful spirit...

  • An Unknown Shade
    178 10 5

    When I was young I lived on a space station. It was my home, my birthplace. I had parents, friends. Now I have almost nobody. We woke up on a planet. There were supplies, technology and food. We didn't know where we were. All we thought about was survival. Who are the ones that sent us? What happened to our families...

  • Ember Wind: Online
    412 55 16

    2042... Virtual Reality has been a dream of humanity for decades. Starting the drive into VR with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, Man made hundreds of steps. Each attempt getting further, longer and more life-like. Humanity's newest dive system: GTX. General Terminal X. The General Terminal renders the User into an...

  • The Survivor
    14.3K 1.4K 23

    Lost. Afraid. Remorseless. They had all been here since; caught up in their own dwindling sanity-the driving force toward their inhumane deeds. At least, that was... when "they" arrived. Monsters? Zombies? That's what we'd all call them, and we certainly weren't wrong about them. They were all different. They'd bro...

  • The Seven Lights : A Saga
    1.7K 222 33

    Highest Rank in Science Fiction: #11 This is a world where raw, naked power is the only thing that matters. How do you survive in a world where the very laws of nature decide who stands at the top, and who crawls at the bottom? Each and every one of them played their own little games, each struggling to reach the peak...

  • A Flash of Blue
    347 45 14

    Kidnapped. Hunted. Deviant. Clare has been taken, she now only prey for deadly hunters. Running is her only option, her only chance of survival. But with the world watching, how can she possibly escape? Jasema is her only hope, but she's a temptation, a reminder that Clare is nothing but a Deviant. Don't think, just j...

  • The Shearing
    773 126 13

    "What's your name?" That is the exact kind of question you should never dare answer in my world. As the rising population turns loopy, countries begin fighting over the scrap of resources left, and nobody can deny that it's the high time to control the ever growing number of people. So inhumane policies begin to rise...

  • Immobility
    755 43 18

    The new Earth is a motionless planet that is nearly incapable of sustaining life, devastated by disease, nuclear warfare, geological and electromagnetic alteration or obstruction, and a major subtraction of natural resources, and as a result, the human race stands on the brink of extinction. There are only a few inhab...

  • Unseen Depths | ✔
    526 69 6

    "Go on that Bermuda Triangle tour, they said. It'll be fun, they said." Fun isn't the word Penelope Orson would use to describe her predicament. Shipwrecked alone on a tiny island with nothing but her wit, her only hope is that someone will come along and save her. However, when her rescue comes in the form of a very...

  • G.A.L.E. Force - Duology | ✔
    14.3K 2K 88

    If you create the ultimate weapon, it may choose to turn on you . . . When a young woman snags Lawrence Croxley from the train station, he soon realizes that being late for work is the least of his problems. She plans to use his access to CNN's cameras in order to warn the public of a massive syndicate, one th...

  • What Heroes Are
    3K 411 17

    Renauda Kelso has a secret. More than just one actually, seeing as being a superhero requires keeping more than just her identity hidden. When an attempt to stop a crime goes terribly wrong, she finds herself in a spot of trouble. And then miraculously, she is offered a way out. After joining Champion Height's very ow...

  • Five Times Apart
    23 6 5

    What is the meaning of time when it can be reversed? These are the thoughts of Loki Omega a man who wants to change the destiny of the world that he once knew by saving the woman who he thinks caused it all with her death. Alison Nega.

  • As The Snow Fell [#Wattys2017]
    1.1K 51 28

    ✅ CURRENTLY #706 IN SCI-FI! ✅ --------------------------------------------------------------------- In a world where snow never stops falling from the sky, Jacob is just trying to survive in this world with his weary father. However, once he finds a strange book in an abandoned car, he uncovers a conspiracy that goes...

  • Drowned
    146 9 4

    Aliens came to planet earth in the year 2020, they were nice...